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BNI Forfaiting is the purchase of rights bill of Banker's Acceptance (B / A) which is owned as a Nominated Bank Correspondent Bank (forfaitee) transactions in respect of L / C or SKBDN with discount without regres rights.

BNI Benefits

  • Discount rate
  • Handling fee

Benefits for Correspondent Banks

  • Correspondent bank as the seller B / A (Forfaitee) can receive a payment prior to maturity B / A.

Product Features

  1. Accepting Bank is the Issuing Bank or Confirming Bank BNI and is a correspondent bank that has a credit line / commercial line and is still available disponible.
  2. Forfaitee a correspondent bank BNI.
  3. Forfaiting BNI Period:
  4. Min. 30 (thirty days)
  5. Max. 180 (one hundred eighty days).
  6. BNI Exchange Forfaiting
  7. Rupiah (IDR), or
  8. Foreign currency exchange rate have note with Bank Indonesia and BNI has had on one of Depository Nostro Correspondent.
  9. Transaction Limit
  10. Rupiah :
    • Min. Rp100.000.000, 00
    • Max. disponible credit line / line Accepting Commercial Bank
  11. In foreign currencies :
    • Min. USD 10,000.00
    • Max. disponable credit line / line Accepting Commercial Bank

Transaction documents

  • Letter of Offer,
  • Copy documents and Banker's Acceptance
  • Approval of transfer payments from the Accepting Bank.