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Smart Trade

BNI Smart Trade is trade transaction services to the Client using the Application System-based Internet network (BNI Smart Trade Portal / BSTP) that can be used to apply for a customer transaction request or accept the decision of Trade or other information relating to the transaction from the Trade Bank.

Customer Benefits

  • Trade transactions are serviced more quickly,
  • Customers can interact directly with the actual time (real-time).


  1. Customer BNI :
    • Current debtors (groups 1 and 2),
    • Giran (SOE / Private Agency),
    • Institutions Financial Institutions (BPD).
  2. Has signed a Letter of Agreement with BNI trade transactions, among others :
    • General Requirements The opening Letter of Credit / SKBDN
    • Terms of General Terms Makers appropriation Bills Export / SKBDN