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BNI Debit Online

BNI Debit Online

Easy, safe and convenient for online shopping transaction

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. presents online shopping experience more convenient, secure and comfortable with BNI Debit Online. Enjoy the freedom of shopping transactions using BNI Debit Online at worldwide merchant / online store anywhere that accepts MasterCard.

For security and convenience of online transactions with BNI Debit Online, you use Virtual Card Numbers (VCN) in lieu of the original number BNI Debit Card MasterCard logo. And get attractive offers from BNI Debit Online and various other benefits.

How has the BNI Debit Online

  1. Have a Savings Account / Giro Individual BNI and BNI Debit Card MasterCard logo.
  2. Registration & Activation BNI SMS Banking at the branch office nearest BNI.
  3. Request VCN via BNI SMS Banking to obtain information BNI Debit Online (16 digit VCN, Valid Thru and 3 digit CVC2)

Transaction flow using BNI Debit Online

  1. Visit the merchant website / online store, select products to buy and select a method of payment via MasterCard / BNI Online Debit / Credit Card.
  2. For those of you who have an activation BNI SMS Banking, do VCN Request process with few alternatives as follows :
    1. Request VCN via Syntax (command) BNI SMS Banking
      Request VCN
      Figure 1
    2. Request VCN via BNI USSD (Call or dial: *141#)
      • Dial for Telkomsel Provider : *141*1#
      • Dial for Indosat & XL Provider: *141*2#
      After doing access to the above, the following sequence of steps to Request VCN follows :
      • Select the "e-Commerce"
      • Select the "e-Payment "
      • Select the "BNI Debit Online (VCN)"
      • Enter the digits Nominal limit of BNI Debit Online (VCN), note:without Rp, comma, and point
      • Enter the 2 digit Pin Challenge BNI SMS Banking
      • SMS notification will be sent to Your Mobile (as the picture one step to 3)
    3. Request VCN via BNI SMS Banking Menu apps. Can be download on Android, IOS and Blackberry device
  3. Next please enter the data of BNI Debit Online (16 digit number VCN, 3 digit CVC2 and Valid Thru) corresponding SMS notifications from the request BNI Debit Online (in figure 1 - step 3) in the column that has been provided on the payment menu (Figure 2)
    Payment Menu
    Figure 2
    After performing input BNI Debit Online data, click "Submit" or "Pay" to complete the transaction.

The advantage of using BNI Debit Online

  • Can be used for shopping at all online merchants that accept MasterCard.
  • Freely define spending limit.
  • Safe, no need to enter the original data BNI your Debit Card.

So, come on shopping online with BNI Debit Online for your convenience, safety and comfort.

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