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Question & Answer

  1. What is UnikQu ?
    UnikQu is an electronic money server based application from BNI that can be used as payment solution using QR code scan.
  2. What are UnikQu features ?
    • Can be used as payment method at offline or online merchant.
    • Top up mobile credit
    • Phone billing payment
    • Balance inquiry and transaction history
    • Change PIN, profile and email
    • Nearby merchant location and available promo
  3. Who can become UnikQu user ?
    UnikQu can be used by all smartphone users based on iOS and Android. Everyone can use unikQu because UnikQu is available for both customers and non-customers.
  4. What are UnikQu benefits ?
    • No need to open a BNI account
    • Easy to top up/cash-in UnikQu
    • Replacemet for cash
    • Fast and easy transaction
    • Many promotion offered
    • Free monthly administration fee
  5. Are there smartphone minimum requirement for using UnikQu ?
    The type of smartphone that can be used UnikQu are :
    • Android (OS 4.0 and up) or iOS (iOS 9.0 and up)
    • Non rooting or jailbreak*
    • Has a camera
    • Connected to internet (wifi or provider network)
    • Active cellular number (not within the grace period)
  6. What if user doesn’t have a smartphone ?
    If you want to use UnikQu but you do not have a smartphone, UnikQu can be accessed through USSD *946# especially for Telkomsel and Indosat users.
  7. How can I register for UnikQu ?
    • Download UnikQu application from Google Play or App Store
    • Install applicationand do registration
    • After your UnikQu is active, you can immediately top up/cash ini UnikQu with a maximum balance limit of Rp 1.000.000,-
    If you have been done registration, you will be listed as a unregistered user account. To be a registered user account, you have to upgrade UnikQu service.
  8. What is the different between unregistered and registered user ?
    No. Deskripsi Unregistered Registered
    1. Maximum Balance Rp 1.000.000,- Rp 10.000.000,-
    2. Payment - Purchase
    3. Transfer x
    4. Cash Withdrawal x
  9. Is there a fee when I use UnikQu ?
    You are only be charged during UnikQu registration for 1x SMS tariff (depending on operator). SMS tariff will reduce your mobile credit (prepaid) or be charged to monthly bill (postpaid).
  10. How to top up/cash-in UnikQu ?
    Top up/cash-in UnikQu can be done through BNI e-Channel (SMS Banking, Mobile Banking and Internet Banking), BNI ATM (on-us and off us) and Agen46. In the future, top up channel will be expanded through merchants and other banks (virtual account).
  11. Is UnikQu top up/cash-in chargeable ?
    There are no charges if you top up/cash-in UnikQu through e-channel and BNI ATM on us. But if you top up/cash-in UnikQu through Agen46 and BNI ATM off-us, you will be charged accordance to applicable provision.
  12. How secure is UnikQu ?
    UnikQu using 6 digit numeric PIN to login and authorization for every transaction. User must be maintain PIN confidentiality and perform regular PIN replacement.
  13. Can I have more than one UnikQu account ?
    Yes, but using a different mobile number and smartphone.
  14. Is there a minimum balance for UnikQu ?
    There is no minimum balance for UnikQu
  15. Is there an administration fee or interest rates for UnikQu ?
    in compliance with Bank Indonesia regulations, electronic money like UnikQu does not incur administration fee or interest rates.
  16. How do i know if my transaction is successful ?
    If transaction successful, the transaction history will be displayed on your screen.
  17. What do I do if i forgot my PIN ?
    If you forgot your PIN, press “Lupa PIN” at login page and new PIN will be send to your registered email address.
  18. What are the causes UnikQu registration doesn’t work ?
    • SMS center operator is busy/queue
    • insufficient mobile credit
    • Disconnected from internet/network disruption
  19. What should I do if my UnikQu account is debited, but the transaction failed or debited 2x for the same transaction ?
    Visit the nearest branch or contact BNI Call 1500046 for processing. BNI will verify your personal data and specified transaction to continue the process.
  20. Where are UnikQu can be used ?
    BNI cooperated with Dimo Pay so now there are more than 2.000 merchants can accept payment using UnikQu. For example at Share-Tea, Haagen-Dasz, Pepper Lunch, Amazon, Puyo and etc.