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Smart Remittance

BNI Smart Remittance provides the best services for remittances in foreign currency, both for the Foreign Affairs (Outgoing Transfer) and the Interior (Incoming Transfer). Supported by competent human resources and latest technology, making Smart Remittance BNI is committed to send the money to meet the payment needs of personal and corporate spending.

BNI Wesel PIN is one of the cash remittances services that can be taken at the BNI branch office, online and POS outlets RB BNI has become a partner.


  • Rates are competitive compared to other remittance services are even free for remittances cross currencies.
  • Without an account, but it is advisable to open accounts to facilitate the process of BNI amendment
  • Quick, remittances can be received on the same day by doing a submission before the cut off time each destination currencies.
  • Multi Currencies, remittances services that can be received in 125 species of local currencies in many countries.


  • Bring cover in the form Euro or foreign currency to the BNI branch (for outgoing transfers) and pay the shipping costs and charges (especially for the full amount payment)
  • Bringing PIN number and identity card (a KTP / SIM) for receiving remittances which takes in money transfers through services BNI branch Wesel PIN (for incoming transfers)