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Incoming Transfer (ITR)

Benefits :

  • ITR to BNI Account, remittances from overseas creditted to BNI accounts.
  • ITR Non-BNI Account, remittances from overseas creditted to other domestic Bank account.
  • BNI Wesel PIN, remittances from overseas which can be collected in cash at BNI outlets, Post Offices, Alfamart, Pegadaian, Agent 46 and other BNI Wesel PIN paying agents.
  • BNI Mobile Remittance (BNI MoRe), BNI digital innovations to facilitate money transfer from Singapore to Indonesia which can be accessed via mobile phones anywhere and anytime.
  • Fast, easy, and secure remittance services.
  • Global network through more than 1.600 correspondent partner and overseas branch.
  • Competitive rates.

Requirements :

  • A sender or applicant comes to an overseas remitting agent/BNI overseas branch by submitting remittance form, the funds and valid identity card or through correspondent digital application.
  • Bring a PIN number and identity card (Residential Identity Card/Driver License) for a remittance beneficiary who collects the money at the BNI branch through the BNI Wesel PIN service.
  • Meanwhile remittances received in a BNI savings account, they can be collected through BNI ATM, BNI outlets or Agen 46.