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BNI Taplus Muda Co-Brand

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BNI Taplus Muda Co-Brand is a savings product intended for the students of Universities cooperating with BNI which functions to accommodate funds for Tuition Fee payment and/or other purposes.


  • The students will obtain a Student’s Card which also serves as an Identity Card which can be used to carry out a variety of daily activities in the University, such as: attendance, door access, etc.
  • With the Card facility provided to the Students, the Students will havea "sense of belonging/being proud" of their university/college.
  • Improving the Image, because the Card is useable for various needs and can make transaction in thousands of BNI ATM, ATM Bersama and Link networks as well as BNI Internet Banking, BNI Phone Banking and BNI SMS Banking facilities.


  • BNI Taplus Muda Co-Brand is provided to the students of a University/College establishing cooperation with BNI which has been set forth in a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between BNI and the University/College.
  • Universities/Colleges may establish cooperation of BNI Taplus Muda Co-Brand ownership in accordance with the terms and conditions applicable to BNI.
  • The amount of the first deposit for account opening shall be as specified in the Cooperation Agreement (PKS).
  • Minimum Subsequent Deposit is IDR 5,000.-.
  • The amount of minimum balance shall be as specified in the Cooperation Agreement (PKS).