BNI Giro

Individual BNI Giro

In business relationships, time has always been a very valuable thing. Every opportunity should be responded quickly to the benefits to be gained. For that we provide BNI Giro, means of financial transactions that can be relied upon because it has many facilities and advantages.

  • An attractive current account is calculated on the basis of daily balances.
  • Can be opened on behalf of individuals and companies.
  • Can be opened in rupiah and foreign exchange in accordance with business needs.
  • Can specify the delivery time a checking account (daily, weekly, monthly).
  • There is an option joint account or joint account.
  • Withdrawals can use the Cheque/BG, the other payment orders and ATM transfer (giro particular individual IDR).
  • Depositing cash into bank notes USD current account foreign exchange USD to USD 50,000 per day in denominations of $ 100 free of cost (1:1).
  • Deposits and withdrawals can be made in cash or non cash, good Rupiah, USD and other currencies.
  • Transact on-line.
  • Support more than 920 branch offices on-line and more than 2,300 ATM BNI.
  • Equipped with the Intercity Clearing, easier to transact business across the region.
  • Available in a choice of currencies : GBP, USD, EUR, GBP, HKD, GBP and JPY.
  • An E-banking facility in the form of BNI Card (debit card and ATM), Phone Banking BNI, BNI SMS Banking, Mobile and BNI Internet Banking allows you to make transactions whenever and wherever you are (especially for checking individual IDR).
  • Completed application form and other documents.
  • Not included in the Black List of Bank Indonesia.
  • Attach a photocopy of a valid identity card (KTP/SIM/Passport to WNI, Passport and KIMS/Permits for foreigners), TIN and Reference Letters.
  • Perform Initial Deposit/Minimum Balance.
  • £ Rp 500.000/USD 250/SGD 1,500/JPY 200,000/GBP 2,500/HKD 10,000/EUR 500.
  • Monthly administration fee.
  • Attach a photocopy of identification authorized officials, TIN, Articles of Association/Articles of Association and amendments, Business License, Letter of Reference.
  • Perform Initial Deposit/Minimum Balance.
  • £ 1,000,000/$ 500/SGD 2,500/JPY 200,000/GBP 2,500/HKD 10,000/EUR 1,000.
  • Monthly administration fee.