BNI Sekuritas Launched 'New BIONS' and Digital Account Opening by Biometrics e-KYC Implementation

BNI Sekuritas Launched 'New BIONS' and Digital Account Opening by Biometrics e-KYC Implementation

Jakarta, 17 February -- PT BNI Sekuritas (BNIS) online trading platform, is now back as “New BIONS” with user experience (UX) innovation that presents a new user interface (UI) design, to make it easier and more comfortable for BNIS loyal customers to invest in the capital market.

The UX/UI on 'New BIONS' is designed to be easier and more systematic, organized by investment product category, and has identical appearances for various devices in both the mobile version and the Web version. This will make it easier for customers to use 'New BIONS' on both platforms.

“New BIONS” offers various and complete variants of investment in capital market products in one online trading platform. The stock transaction service is equipped with a more comprehensive stock price movement chart feature and a stock IPO feature that is also connected to the e-IPO system of the Indonesia Stock Exchange, as well as ordering services for various mutual fund product.

In collaboration with PT Sarana Multigriya Finansial (SMF), 'New BIONS' is the only online trading platform in Indonesia that provides Retail Asset Backed Securities (EBA) transaction services. As a complement to stock transactions for its customers, 'New BIONS' also provides Pawn Shares product services, in collaboration with PT Pegadaian. Along with the launching of “New BIONS”, BNIS also launched a digital securities account opening registration system with the implementation of the e-KYC system through biometrics.

Through digital account opening registration with a more comprehensive e-KYC system, the onboarding process at BNIS becomes faster and easier. In addition to implementing the e-KYC system through biometrics, the registration system for opening a BNIS digital account is also equipped with OCR (Optical Character Recognition) technology facilities, where prospective customer data will be filled in automatically, as stated in the prospective customer's identity card.

To improve the comfort and convenience of the investor's experience in investing, BNIS has prepared a guide to the use of 'New BIONS' which can be accessed through or through video tutorials. The President Director of BNIS, Agung Prabowo, in his brief explanation said "...the launch of 'New BIONS' and digital account opening with the implementation of e-KYC through biometrics is proof that BNI Sekuritas continues to innovate on an ongoing basis...".


PT BNI Sekuritas (“BNIS”) has 2 subsidiaries, namely PT BNI Aset Manajemen (“BNI AM”) which was established in 2011 and BNI Securities Pte. Ltd. (Singapore) (“BSPL”) which has been officially operating since September 2021. Supported by the main shareholder of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk., which is one of the largest Banks in Indonesia with total assets of IDR 965 trillion, BNIS is committed and focused on the securities underwriting business, securities brokerage business, both stocks and bonds, the business of selling mutual fund products and other capital market products.

The investment management business is carried out through BNIS's subsidiary, BNI Aset Manajemen, which is one of the ten largest asset management companies in Indonesia with an asset under management of IDR 28.8 trillion. To support BNIS' success in marketing and helping issuers issue global bonds, BNIS is supported by BSPL. In 2021, BSPL will assist Bank BNI in issuing Additional Tier-1 Capital (“AT1 Global Bond”) global bonds with a capital gain of up to USD 600 million.

The issuance of BNI's AT1 Global Bond is the first AT1 Global Bond transaction from Indonesia and has succeeded in garnering demand close to USD 3 billion from global investors. BSPL has also succeeded in assisting Indofood Consumer Brand Product (“ICBP”) in issuing global bonds with a total value of USD 1 billion with demand from global investors approaching USD 3.5 billion. This is a sign of a successful synergy between the BNI Group which will continue to be carried out to support each other's performance and among the subsidiaries within the BNI Group.

The BNIS Investment Banking Division is one of the most active in the capital market industry in Indonesia. In 2021, BNIS will be one of the leading M&A advisors in Indonesia for the construction and infrastructure sector. BNIS successfully completed the divestment of 4 toll road assets to domestic and international toll road investors/operators, then the acquisition of a minority stake in Semen Holchim (SMCB) by Taiheiyo Cement Japan through a rights issue scheme (cross border M&A) and financial restructuring of the Waskita group including a rights issue transaction in connection with the addition of capital investment by the Indonesian Government to Waskita. In the mining sector, BNIS has successfully completed the public offering of PT Archi Indonesia Tbk, the first major IPO in Indonesia using e-bookbuilding, and the divestment of PT Bukit Asam (Persero), Tbk. treasury shares.


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