Tahun 2016, BNI Percepat Bisnis

Tahun 2016, BNI Percepat Bisnis

BNI Further Advances Its Business in 2016

Jakarta, 12 January 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) is determined to make 2016 the year of synergy and cross selling between BNI Group corporate components, in an effort to implement BNI’s new direction of vision towards becoming the leading financial institution in banking services and performance. BNI has already initiated this effort, which includes strengthening the capacity of its subsidiary companies to support future business expansion plans.

BNI President Director Achmad Baiquni outlined BNI’s plans after the conclusion of Special Shareholder Meeting (SSM) in Jakarta, Tuesday (12 January 2016).

Baiquni noted that the [core of] management policy for 2016 is geared towards strengthening inter-unit synergy within BNI for the business advancement purposes. The policies in support of this new direction include escalating business expansion in selected corporate market, especially national priority sectors that assist implementation of government programs, as well as increasing mid-segment expansion in local priority sectors to maintain portfolio quality. BNI credit growth in 2016 is expected to progress above industry average. Additionally, BNI continues to maintain consistency in all lines in an effort to enhance its Fee Based Income and Current Account, Saving Account (CASA). This is achieved by boosting customer transactional banking, primarily by encouraging cash management utilization among mid-segment customers and optimizing supply chain financing tailored to customer transaction.

BNI also aims to strengthen its Consumer Banking product positioning through the expansion of market penetration for BNI top-tier products and services, such as BNI Griya, BNI Fleksi, KartuKartu, and Taplus BNI, in addition to broadening the reach of BNI retail products and services to Indonesian customers abroad. These programs will be supported by the implementation of digital banking services, such as the development of electronic payment solution, to improve sales and customer interaction. Sales increase will also see cooperation with BNI subsidiaries to optimize product bundling for targeted segments.

These sales goals are an integral part of BNI’s network and service improvements, and are further optimized with the transformation of outlets into revenue centers for integrated financial solutions. Moreover, BNI continues to strengthen the market position of its subsidiaries through the employment of various methods, including promoting un organic growth and fortifying capital for BNI subsidiary companies.

Results of Special Shareholder Meeting (SSM)

BNI SSM on Monday agreed to name Hartadi A. Sarwono and Bistok Simbolon as BNI Chief Commissioner and Commissioner, respectively. Additionally, the meeting also named Panji Irawan as BNI Director. All appointments were effective immediately.

The following is a complete list of Corporate Board of Commissioners :

Hartadi A Sarwono President Commissioner

Pradjoto Vice President Commissioner/Independent Commissioner

Daniel T. Sparringa Independent Commissioner

Kiagus Ahmad Badaruddin Commissioner

Zulkifli Zaini Independent Commissioner

Anny Ratnawati Independent Commissioner

Joseph F.P. Luhukay Independent Commissioner

Pataniari Siahaan Commissioner

Revrisond Baswir Commissioner

Bistok Simbolon Commissioner

The following is a complete list of Board of Directors :

Achmad Baiquni President Director

Suprajarto Vice President Director

Rico Budidarmo Director

Herry Sidharta Director

Sutanto Director

Anggoro Eko Cahyo Director

Adi Sulistyowati Director 

Bob Tyasika Ananta Director

Imam Budi Sarjito Director

Panji Irawan Director

For more information, please contact :

Suhardi Petrus, BNI Corporate Secretary
Phone : 021-5728387, Email :


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