Kompetisi Bola Voli Proliga 2016 BNI Siap Meraih Kembali Gelar Juara

Kompetisi Bola Voli Proliga 2016 BNI Siap Meraih Kembali Gelar Juara

Proliga Volleyball Competition 2016
BNI Ready to Win

Jakarta, February 5, 2016 - PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI returns to Proliga 2016 with Jakarta BNI Taplus, previously Jakarta 46. The name change is the first step towards winning Proliga 2016.

In 2016, Jakarta BNI Taplus will put forth its men’s team, this time consisting of the best combination of local and foreign players. Proliga Professional Volleyball Competition will run from February 19 -15 May 2016 in several cities in Indonesia.

"We are optimistic that Jakarta BNI Taplusmen's team could win the Proliga tournament title this year again with severalexperienced national and young players volleyball in the team," claimed BNI Retail Business Director Sutanto and Jakarta BNI Taplus manager at a press conference in Jakarta, Friday (February 5, 2016). "BNI is consistently in the top four of Proliga tournaments. BNI Men's Team even won the leagues five times already," Sutanto added.

This Proliga season, Jakarta BNI Taplus team is joined by foreign professionals from Brazil and Bulgaria, as well as a Brazilian head coach who played for BNI as a foreign player in 2005. The head coach will be assisted by two Indonesian assistant coaches.

BNI has selected 15 outstandingnationalvolleyball players from Indonesia, recruited on an annual contract to play for Jakarta BNI Taplus team.

Jakarta BNI Taplus Men’s Team is composed of :

Head coach   :  Joao Eduardo de Paula (Brazil)
Assistant Coach  :  Alim Suseno
Deny Saputra
Players  : 
  1. Aji Maulana
  2. Mahendra R Bhuana
  3. Sigit Ardian
  4. Ramzil Huda
  5. Dimas Saputra
  6. Dhani Anggriawan
  7. Eko Purwanto
  8. Abdurrachman Sidik
  9. Yan Bastian Basoko Bayu
  10. Rian Irawan
  11. Adi Firmansyah
  12. Eko Permana Putra
  13. Felipe Jose Da Silviera Grah (Brazil)
  14. Venelin Kadankov (Bulgaria)

BNI is strongly committed to supporting volleyball in Indonesia, and has been consistently participating in Proliga since 2002. Additionally, BNI has played the role of godfather for the Indonesian National Volleyball Federation (PBVSI) and has sponsored several national volleyball tournaments.

Proliga first round of the 2016 season will take place from February 19 to March 6, 2016. The second round will begin on March 25, 2016 and end on 10 April 2016. The final round will take place from 29 April 2016 until May 15, 2016.

For further information, please contact :

Suhardi Petrus, Corporate Secretary BNI
Telp : 021-5728387, Email :


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