BNI Launches BUNGA NUSANTARA, Collection of Indonesia's Best MSMEs

Jakarta, 2 March 2020 --- Getting the opportunity to take part in exhibitions domestically is often a high-value experience for micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs), especially if invited to exhibitions abroad. Exhibitions inside and outside the country are one of the main doors to break into the broader market for entrepreneurs. Only selected entrepreneurs, producing unique and quality products that are worthy of the exhibition.

It was at this level of selection that PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI present. By inviting 30 of its best fostered MSMEs, BNI held an MSME Exhibition and Training at BNI Head Office in Jakarta, for 2 days, Monday - Tuesday (2 - 3 March 2020). This is also a rare opportunity, because all MSMEs invited to this event will have the opportunity to be assessed (curated) by a professional curator, Jennifer Isaacson. The training and exhibition were opened by the Small Business Division 2 Leader of BNI, Bambang Setyatmojo.

The existence of this curator was performed in cooperation between BNI and the Indonesian Consulate General in New York. For MSMEs who have successfully passed this curation, they will be invited to participate in the New York Now (NYNOW) 2020 exhibition. However, BNI itself utilizes this momentum to select MSMEs that are eligible to be exhibited at several well-known events in the country, including Inacraft, also outside country, like the Dubai Expo.

Bambang Setyatmojo said, BNI plays an active role in developing SMEs in various sectors, ranging from fashion, crafts, to Indonesian cuisine. BNI carries out curation or selection for the Featured MSME groups named BUNGA Nusantara or BNI Unggulan Nusantara. The fostered MSMEs that passed to join BUNGA Nusantara get the opportunity to take one more step towards well-known exhibitions, both abroad and domestically.

These BNI's flagship MSMEs have been selected in a variety of very strict categories, so that it can represent Indonesia to conduct exhibitions abroad as well as open up Indonesian handicraft export markets. As many as 65% of the leading MSMEs present at the event had made export and trade contacts with overseas buyers.

In the meantime, the Corporate Secretary of BNI, Meiliana conveyed that Bunga Nusantara MSMEs come from BNI’s fostered partners in SOEs Creative Home (RKB) and fostered business operators who obtain financing through BNI, especially financing for People's Business Credit (KUR). Through this series of trainings through curation, BNI hopes to help business operators to introduce superior products to public as flagship products that already have a sale value on exhibition scale. BNI also hopes to open opportunities for cooperation from other parties both institutions and individuals with MSMEs fostered by BNI.

"We also hope that our efforts can provide opportunities for BNI-fostered MSMEs to improve the quality of their products, because by exhibiting, they can see other exhibitors’ products, so that they can make improvements to the design, motives, and packaging," said Meiliana.

Meiliana said that currently BNI has supported the opening of 45 RKB throughout Indonesia. Each RKB is equipped with various activities to improve product quality and sales, ranging from packaging training, determining brands, and digital marketing. The quality improvement is expected to improve the quality of MSME products globally

"Bunga Nusantara is the forerunner to BNI's efforts to promote a variety of original superior products from hometown, which are indeed very rich in Nusantara Fabrics, Nusantara Crafts, Nusantara Culinary, Nusantara Fashion," concluded Meiliana. 


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