BNI dan ITB Synergize Campus Financial Ecosystem

BNI dan ITB Synergize Campus Financial Ecosystem

Jakarta, 18 February 2022 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BNI) has again expanded the Campus Financial Ecosystem program to strengthen its function as a campus Bank earlier this year.This time, BNI collaborated with Institut Teknologi Bandung (ITB) to participate in the Campus Financial Ecosystem program aimed at supporting the needs of the education world through the best services and more advanced transactional solutions.

As for, BNI and ITB kicked off the Campus Financial Ecosystem by signing a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) on the Higher Education Financial Ecosystem. This event will be held virtually on Friday, 18 February 2022.

This strategic collaboration was attended by ITB Chancellor, Reini Wirahadikusumah and her staff, ITB Vice Chancellor for Finance, Planning and Development, Muhamad Abduh, and ITB Vice Chancellor for Academic and Student Affairs, Jaka Sembiring. Meanwhile, BNI Director of Institutional Relations, Sis Apik Wijayanto, was present virtually.

Sis Apik said BNI has had a very long history and cooperative relationship with ITB, namely since 1971. With this MoU, Sis Apik said that BNI and ITB agreed to integrate payroll services using the Payment Application Programming Interface (API), Integrated Cash Services. Management, Issuance of Banking Electronic Money Co-Branding Cards, ITB Postgraduate Program and Education Flexion, and Early Recruitment Program (ERP). In addition, BNI has also prepared a Digital Entrepreneur program to support MSMEs assisted by ITB through the BNI Edu Preneur program.

Sis Apik said BNI continues to expand its campus digitalization program and this time collaborates with ITB to provide complete services for the entire academic community through the BNI Campus Financial Ecosystem program. "We appreciate ITB for the cooperation that has been built so far. Of course, with this BNI will improve our services by providing digital-based integrated financial solutions and according to the needs of the entire Academic Community, from financial solutions for the ITB Campus, lecturers or teaching staff, staff employees, students, even more broadly, to families, students and business people around the ITB campus," he said.

Reini Wirahadikusumah said that the BNI Campus Financial Ecosystem is a very appropriate program as a complete financial solution for ITB. Moreover, this program is capable of providing integrated digital solutions that provide efficiency and effectiveness in managing activities in the campus ecosystem in the form of Corporate Support, Cash Management System, Consumer Product Services, Recruitment, Entrepreneurship and other IT solutions. "We certainly really hope that with this closed loop ecosystem, lecturers or teaching staff, staff, students, and more broadly, up to the families of ITB students," he said.

Reini revealed that previously BNI had also collaborated with ITB covering several services and proven to be able to facilitate transactions and financial management of the ITB campus, including Cash Management, Student Payment Center (SPC) Host to Host, Payroll, Use of BNI Griya Student Identity Card and Employee Flexion, Card Affinity Credit (ITB Card), BNI AM-ITB Harmony Collaboration for the management of endowment funds/ITB endowments and Student Recruitment and Internships.

In addition to cooperation with Corporate ITB, BNI also strongly supports efforts to restore the economy of SMEs assisted by ITB Alumni by establishing an institutional financial ecosystem as well as Empowering ITB Alumi SMEs through BNI Edupreneur Program.

"Of course, the cooperation that has been built will be even more complete. Moreover, ITB and BNI have also collaborated in the issuance of ITB Alumni Association Card which is intended to ensure the continuity of campus relations with its alumni," she said.


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