Confused Where to Go? Here is BNI Partner List Worth Visiting

Jakarta, 4 June 2019 --- The momentum of Eid al-Firt 2019 holiday is a moment that has been awaited by Indonesian people, especially Muslims. This is when the fasting test during the month of Ramadan ends with all of its blessings and will be perfect if it is closed by meeting the whole family members to forgive each other, let go of longing, because this meeting opportunity is very rare.

Everything was short-lived, limited by having to return to work at the end of the Eid holiday. Naturally, when a short vacation like that arises, confusion should be how to fill it with loved ones so long lasting memorable.

Well, just check what BNI is doing to provide an alternative vacation to make it memorable without having to spend precious time. One of them is souvenir. BNI has many micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) that are active in SOEs Creative Home (RKB). They are direct producers of a variety of products that are appropriate to buy as souvenir when returning from hometown, such as packed food, accessories, footwear, to clothing.

Checkout this list, you just select the closest to the homecoming location. As they are producers, the selling price can be very cheap because it is first-hand.

Padang, West Sumatera

Pandai Sikek Yunarti Art Woven: Jln. Purus II No. 5C Padang.

D’Fitra Nats Handicraft Center: Jln. Soekarno Hatta Koto Nan Ampek Payakumbuh.

Rendang Gadih : Jl. Soekarno Hatta (Depan SPBU Koto Nan IV) Payakumbuh

Subana Bana Randang Padang: Pasar raya Inpres Blok III Lt.3 Gedung orange, Padang

Cilacap, Central Java

Mool Leather : Jln Raya Panisihan No. 685, Maos-Cilacap

Pontianak, Kalimantan Barat:Amplang Selembe: Jln. Tabrani Ahmad Komp. Permata Asri No. B-3

Sleman, Central Java

Sweet Sundae Ice Cream: Jln. Lempongsari Blok C No. 18 A, Sleman.

Aboni & Rattu Wader: Tegalrejo, Sumbersasi, Moyuda, Sleman.

Fox and bunny: Penen 03/04 Donoharjo, Ngaglik, Sleman.

Tegal, Jawa Central Java

Fahaltex Woven: Jl. Kauman tengah No. 12, Tegal City

Wonogiri, Central Java

Kartika Cashew : Ngadipuro, Tanjungsari, Jatisrono, Wonogiri Regency

Bekasi, West Java

Shahda Style : Bojong Permai III, Narogong, Bekasi

Autik Ethnic Shoes :

Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan

ABBA Chocolate: Jl. Kenanga No.15 70711, North Loktabat, North Banjar Baru.

Alisha Collection: Jl. Putri Junjung Buih (Belakang Bank KalSel Banjarbaru).

Dapur Mama Dildan : Sungai Besar, Banjarbaru


The MSMEs products are tested, at least when they are invited by BNI to market their production in RKB Bazzar which was held at BNI Head Office Lobby, Jakarta on 22 - 24 May 2019. This is the momentum when they are invited to penetrate the modern office market in the busiest location in Jakarta.

Just look at Ibu Harti, who produces Subana Bana Randang Padang rendang, able to sell 80 kilograms of rendang in just 3 days. In total, BNI recorded that in the 3 days of the Bazaar there were 3,661 products sold from 4,812 products sold. The best-selling products are 86% of Food sales. Its strength is indeed in the original taste and nature of their home region.

There were 15 RKBs that BNI had invited on the occasion. Starting from RKB Bekasi, Padang, Sleman, Banjarbaru, Wonogiri, Tegal, Bantaeng, Pangandaran, Payakumbuh, Central Sumba, Bengkulu, Cilacap, Tebo, Pontianak, to Mamuju. For you you who are going home in those cities, it's better to check the BNI RKB. 

BNI indeed fosters 44 RKB throughout Indonesia. BNI embraces MSMEs to take advantage of the RKB as a forum to improve the ability of business operators in developing products and marketing. A total of 1,193 of them have been successfully trained and moved up the class to Go Online MSMEs.

The Consumer Business Director of BNI, Tambok P Setyawati said, products of MSMEs of BNI’s fostered can obtained online (check the shopping site online or offline in various regions. In addition, community also can shop MSMEs products through payment alternative.


Eliminate Fatigue with BNI

During the Eid al-Fitr moment, according to Tambok, BNI also provides various promos at rest areas, especially on the homecoming route. The public can also do a health check at rest areas with BNI Life or check vehicle with BNI Multifinance.

"We serve all. In urban areas we also have programs for culinary promos, theme parks, hotels, shopping. To pay tolls or fill gasoline, you can use our Tap Cash or use LinkAja. During the homecoming, there is no need to worry about visiting all tourist attractions and souvenir shops," he said.


Benefits for MSMEs

To perfect its support for MSMEs, BNI also provides information, education, and helps develop MSMEs digitization so that products can be marketed through the internet media. One of the benefits was felt by Lusia from Bekasi, founder of Autik Ethnic Shoes, which manufactures hand made shoes made from Indonesian fabrics, such as woven, songket, ulos, and batik. Entering the fourth year, the business is progressing thanks to product development and marketing training.

"Alhamdulillah, BNI's fostered RKB has helped a lot in terms of marketing and well known. We can also innovate, by using the remaining material as an application for jackets, jeans and necklaces," he said.

Other BNI’s fostered MSME is ABBA Chocolate from Banjarbaru, South Kalimantan. He is optimistic with the mainstay pasak bumi chocolate and traditional food products.

"Usually Eurycoma longifolia (pasak bumi) is sold just like that, we combine it with chocolate because there is no competition, we create a new market," said Bobby, founder of ABBA Chocolate.

Since 2017, Bobby has recognized the many benefits of development such as training, being involved in various exhibitions both locally and outside the region. "Usually BNI takes part in promotions in regions, we get a booth for SME promotion, so it's more widely known. Our products can also be found in hotels, airports and souvenir shops, "he added.

Well, for you who travel or homecoming with family to various cities, its worth to try local specialties of BNI’s fostered MSMEs. 


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