BNI Invites Indonesian Migrant Workers in South Korea to Start Investing

BNI Invites Indonesian Migrant Workers in South Korea  to Start Investing

Jakarta, 21 June 2020 --- South Korea is one of the most popular countries for Indonesian citizens as a place to make a living. At present, there are around 40 thousand Indonesian migrant workers in the manufacturing, textile and fisheries sectors in various South Korean cities.

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk cooperates with South Korea's Nahdlatul Ulama Branch Manager (PCI NU) to socialize the opening of collective savings account and the culture of saving among migrant workers.

The cooperation was marked by the signing of the agreement between the Chairman of the South Korean NU Tanfidziyah, K. Ali Nurahim and the General Manager of BNI Seoul Branch, Anisfu at the South Korean BNI Foreign Branch Office in Seoul on Sunday, 21 June 2020. The signing was witnessed by the Protocol and the Consular at the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia in South Korea, Vevie Damayanti, as well as Rais Syuriah PCI NU of South Korea, K.H. Huda Ulin Nuha Al Amin.

Anisfu said, During this time, many Indonesian migrant workers (PMI) have worked for years abroad but when they return they do not have savings and become unemployed in Indonesia. BNI as the only Indonesian bank in South Korea has the responsibility to introduce financial instruments to PMIs, so that when they return to Indonesia, they have savings that can be used as business capital. The hope is that they will also be able to create jobs at home.

"Opening a savings account is one of the basic capital for managing finances. After opening a savings account, a PMI is expected to start setting aside monthly salaries to save, pay monthly bills, open deposits or education savings, to buy investment instruments such as mutual funds and retail bonds," said Anisfu.

Since launching the rupiah account opening program in 2017, BNI Seoul has managed to raise third-party funds sourced from PMI savings of Rp 189 billion as of April 2020 with an average growth of 69 percent per year. To support the opening of savings and to facilitate transactions 24 hours a day and 7 days a week (24/7), BNI Seoul also provides activation service for BNI Mobile Banking.

This cooperation to open a Taplus IDR account is a manifestation of the South Korean PCI NU vision, which is to become an independent institution and provide benefits for the members and Indonesia. Moreover, BNI does not only prepare savings and investment products, but also plays an active role in the financial inclusion program for PMIs, which is to open opportunities for PMI to get People's Business Loans upon returning to Indonesia. BNI also provides entrepreneurship training while the PMIs are abroad, with the hope that they will be able to utilize these skills upon returning to Indonesia.


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