BNI Asset Management Launches BNI 30G Mutual Fund as Leading Investment Alternative in 2022

BNI Asset Management Launches BNI 30G Mutual Fund as Leading Investment Alternative in 2022

Jakarta, 3 December 2021 -- Hopes for Indonesia's economic recovery after the pandemic provide fresh air for the potential for recovery of various business sectors, thus triggering the appreciation of JCI at the end of 2021. The pace of national economic growth at the end of 2021 is still moderate, but investors already see that the prospect of recovery in 2022 in the future will be even brighter and has the potential to encourage the growth of JCI stock index which is better than this year.

As for the interest in investing has also increased rapidly during the pandemic, as reflected in KSEI's data on Mutual Fund investors, which grew sharply from 1.78 million at the end of 2019 to 3.88 million at the end of 2020 and continued to increase to 6.76 million at the end of. October 2021 (grew by 74.15%). In fact, interestingly, about 50% of these new investors come from millennial.

The growth of millennial investors cannot be separated from the growth of the digital platform of Mutual Fund selling agents, the rise of investment education on social media and the increasingly diverse needs of millennial investors who want to have simple investment products.

Therefore, BNI Asset Management (BNI-AM) saw this opportunity and tried to take the opportunity to meet investors' needs for a challenging stock-based investment instrument but still measurable risk.

In the BNI 30G Virtual Launch and Talk Show event, the Finance Director of BNI, Novita Widya Anggraini was of the view that the increasing interest in investment, both from retail and institutional investors, was an opportunity for the BNI Group to develop new products that match their expectations, namely new products that are challenging but in accordance with their risk appetite.

"As investors expect the new product that we are launching is very challenging but the risks are still measurable, so it is suitable for beginners and experienced investors, even for institutional investors such as pension funds," said Novita, Friday (3 August 2021).

On such occasion, the President Director of BNI Asset Management, Putut Endro Andanawarih said that the economic recovery after the Covid-19 pandemic crisis encouraged the growth of the stock index at the end of 2021, especially for the IDX Growth 30 index shares which are predicted to record the highest growth compared to stocks in other index.

"Therefore, today we published the BNI-AM Index IDX Growth 30 Index Mutual Fund with the call name BNI 30G Mutual Fund. BNI 30G Mutual Fund is a Mutual Fund with underlying shares included in the IDX Growth 30 index which consists of a collection of 30 shares of large and medium capitalization issuers that have the highest growth on the Indonesia Stock Exchange. As an index mutual fund, BNI 30G replicates the performance of the IDX Growth 30 index.

Putut added that the purpose of establishing BNI 30G Mutual Fund is as an alternative choice for investors who want equity mutual fund with challenging returns but with measurable risks. "We hope that BNI 30G Mutual Fund will be the answer for investors, who will benefit because with affordable management costs, they can own 30 large capitalization stocks with high growth, easy to monitor, and inexpensive."

Investors’ positive response to BNI-AM IDX30 Index (BNI30) Mutual Fund, and other mutual fund products at BNI Asset Management such as BNI-AM Nusantara ETF MSCI Indonesia (XBNI) and BNI-AM ETF MSCI ESG Leader Indonesia (XBES) state that the type of these mutual funds are easy to monitor, and more transparent.

The three mutual funds are also classified as liquid, minimal errors in stock picking, and relatively lower mutual fund costs, so that they are in line with the needs and risk profile of investors. Puput added that at the end of 2021 BNI-AM will also add new Mutual Fund product variants by launching Mutual Funds that continue to prioritize 30 selected stock exchanges because these stock groups have large capitalization, high trading liquidity and imitate the performance of IDX Growth 30.

"The successful sale of BNI-AM IDX30 Index (BNI30) Mutual Fund, BNI-AM Nusantara ETF MSCI INDONESIA (XBNI), BNI-AM ETF MSCI ESG Leader Indonesia (XBES) encouraged us to add new product variants by launching Mutual Fund products that remain put forward 30 selected stock exchanges because the stock pool has a large capitalization and high trading liquidity,” said Putu.

As information, the BNI 30G Mutual Fund offered for retail customers will be marketed via 3 APERD (Mutual Fund Selling Agents), namely BNI Sekuritas, Fundtastic and Makmur, while for institutional customers it will be offered primarily to corporate insurance, pension funds and also offered to corporate BNI Group as a manifestation of holding business synergy.

BNI Asset Management is an Investment Manager Company, a part of BNI Group which has been established since 2011 and currently has an AUM of Rp. 25.04 Trillion (as of October 2021) and is included in the top 10 leading Investment Management companies in Indonesia.

To date, BNI Asset Management has 94 products (as of October 2021) consisting of Protected Mutual Fund, Money Market Mutual Fund, Fixed Income Mutual Fund, Equity Mutual Fund, Mixed Mutual Fund, Index Mutual Fund, and ETF Mutual Fund.

The issuance of BNI 30G Mutual Fund will complement the existing product variants, increase market share and further expand the reach of investors who have not been covered by existing products.

Going forward, BNI 30G Mutual Fund will be one of the flagship products of BNI Asset Management in 2022 along with other superior products, namely BNI-AM Dana Likuid, BNI-AM Dana Lancar Syariah, BNI-AM Makara Investasi, BNI-AM Inspiring Equity. Fund, BNI-AM Mahogany, and BNI-AM IDX30 Index (BNI30).

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