Supporting Decorative Plant Farmers, BNI dan Minaqu Indonesia Strengthen Collaboration

Supporting Decorative Plant Farmers, BNI dan Minaqu Indonesia Strengthen Collaboration

Jakarta, 17 December 2021 -- The winner of the BNI UMKM Entrepreneur Heroes Award in the Digital Savy Entrepreneur Hero category, Minaqu Indonesia is increasingly optimistic about improving business performance in welcoming a better economy next year. After trying out a two-week road trip on the European continent, Minaqu is preparing to expand its business to increase its export capabilities next year.

The CEO of Minaqu Indonesia, Ade Wardhana Adinata conveyed that business conditions in the decorative plant segment will be more expansive next year. Demand from domestic as well as abroad has increased quite rapidly, prompting Minaqu to accelerate its business expansion plan.

“Early established in 2019, Minaqu has also become an decorative plant export company to Europe, America, Asia. Meanwhile, at this time we continue to increase our penetration into the Middle East whose business potential is no less high," he mentioned.

Minaqu currently has 1,100 farmer partners and farmer groups to export these decorative plants. To export decorative plants, Minaqu initially used social media and e-commerce with direct marketing to consumers. Over time, Minaqu currently has 7 distributors in 6 countries with 2 year contracts for 15 million decorative plants.

As a MSME partner fostered by BNI, Ade also said that Minaqu Indonesia has a strategic expansion plan next year. Minaqu will acquire a foreign company to increase its production capacity to penetrate the global market. "We plan to acquire a laboratory owned by Temasek Singapore in Indonesia. This is to fulfill Minaqu's contract with one of our Nursery partners in Europe and America," he said.

Ade explained that Minaqu currently has a number of cooperation contracts with these foreign companies. In addition, through the collaboration that has been established with BNI, Minaqu continues to improvise the global market through sharpened digitization and global collaborations that are currently being built by Minaqu.

The tropical decorative plant business is indeed lucrative. One of the proofs is Minaqu has pocketed purchase commitments from several countries with a value of Rp. 2.1 trillion. The world market potential for decorative plants is estimated at Rp. 3,400 trillion.

"Minaqu will also hold Share The Beauty Of Indonesia, a large program that invites the global Minaqu community to come to Indonesia and explore Indonesian resources, it is hoped that through this program the cooperation of Indonesian agricultural partners will be more open and widely established," added Ade.

As a bank with overseas branches in 6 countries, BNI always supports this program with collaboration and consolidation. Moreover, Minaqu is ready to build a global business ecosystem that continues to carry the name of Indonesia globally.

BNI's collaboration is carried out through financing of 516 debtors of decorative plant fostered farmers with a maximum limit of people's business credit around Rp. 25 billion.

The Corporate Secretary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. (BBNI), Mucharom conveyed, the trend of BNI's MSME credit performance this year is quite proud.

The company is also committed to always trying to provide full support to increase the acceleration of the performance of MSME players, especially Minaqu Indonesia during the year-end economic recovery period.

In addition to providing capital support through KUR, BNI plays a role in building a floriculture agricultural ecosystem by establishing a network and providing assistance to SMEs and corporations. Assistance and empowerment of farmer groups is carried out so that they can become hubs in the existing ecosystem net. "BNI has also activated the collection agent and the Agen46 function (laku pandai agent) to make financial transactions a close loop system," he said.

As for, throughout the fourth quarter of this year is very strong. The Company recorded that the balance of MSME loans reached Rp. 91.44 trillion, an increase of 13.5% on an annual basis in October 2021. In fact, we see this trend will continue to be maintained and increase until the end of the year.

MSME Go Export

Furthermore, Mucharom said that BNI as an international bank continues to be committed to not only optimizing the potential for national economic recovery but also to creating greater leverage for MSME players by taking advantage of the global market.

Moreover, the global economic performance at the end of the year which also shows an improvement trend can be a great opportunity for MSME players to be more aggressive in accelerating performance.

"As an international bank, of course, our plan for MSMEs is not only to raise their class but to encourage them to go global," he said.

Mucharom explained that BNI has 3 strategic focuses to encourage MSMEs to move up to the international level. First, empowering Export MSMEs and the diaspora, where BNI does not only work with MSME players to expand their business abroad, but also encourages business development for Indonesian citizens living overseas or known as diaspora.

Second, creating a superior business ecosystem, where BNI focuses on working on leading sectors in each region to encourage empowerment and absorption of local workers.

Third, establishing a Digital Value Chain, where BNI provides comprehensive support through financing to mentoring BNI partners from upstream to downstream.

"We also have a series of flagship BNI Xpora Business Matching programs which will continue to elaborate on the potential for overseas expansion of MSME players by the end of this year," he said.

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