Synergy of BNI and Telkomsel, Combining Telko Business and Supply Chain Financing

Synergy of BNI and Telkomsel, Combining Telko Business and Supply Chain Financing

Jakarta, 29 December 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI in collaboration with PT Telekomunikasi Selular (Telkomsel), a subsidiary of PT Telkom Indonesia (Persero), Tbk (Telkom), which is engaged in the cellular telecommunications business in Indonesia. In this collaboration, BNI provides a Supply Chain Financing (SCF) facility that allows financing facility to work partners or suppliers of Telkomsel, where this facility will strengthen and accelerate capital turnover in the company's business ecosystem.

The signing of this collaboration was carried out by the Head of Corporate Business Division 3 of BNI, Rudy Sihombing, with the Director of Finance and Risk Management of Telkomsel Mohamad Ramzy in Jakarta, (29/12). The momentum was also witnessed by the Corporate Banking Director of BNI, Silvano Rumantir.

Silvano Rumantir said that this Supply Chain Financing program is a financing model that is given to Telkomsel's work partners or suppliers. This financing can be used to finance business transactions between Telkomsel and business partners or suppliers based on documents or invoices.

"This SCF facility provides benefits for Telkomsel's partners, namely it can speed up receipt of payments for bills to Telkomsel. Meanwhile, from Telkomsel's perspective, the benefits obtained are making it a sustainable business and optimizing the acceleration of business transactions with partners," he said.

This SCF facility program also provides convenience for Telkomsel's partners or suppliers in the credit facility application process. Where partners can use their invoices to the bank as collateral, thus partners or suppliers can have access to funding more easily and quickly.

In the meantime, Rudy Sihombing said, value chain management through the provision of SCF from BNI will increase efficiency and corporate profits through cost reduction and working capital optimization. Optimization of working capital is carried out by regulating cash flow and accelerating the cash-conversion-cycle on the side of Telkomsel's partners.

At the same time, Telkomsel's Director of Finance and Risk Management, Mohamad Ramzy said, “Telkomsel welcomes the collaboration that was built with BNI. We hope that this collaboration can continue to drive business growth, improve performance, and open up more advancement opportunities for partners/suppliers who support Telkomsel's work operations. This banking solution presented by BNI will make it easier for our partners/suppliers to quickly, easily and innovatively, especially in managing integrated financial transactions.”

This collaboration is also a tangible manifestation of the synergy between SOEs that are able to support the improvement of business processes for all stakeholders.

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