1775 TNI Children Receive SOEs Education Fund

1775 TNI Children Receive SOEs Education Fund

Cilangkap, Thursday, 24 February 2022 -- The Ministry of State-Owned Enterprises has again provided funding for higher education for the sons and daughters of Indonesian National Armed Forces (TNI) soldiers. This social step is a form of concern for state-owned companies to the responsibility of defending the state imposed on members of the TNI. The education fund support is also an effort by BUMN to participate in improving the quality of the superior young generation.

On this occasion, scholarships in the form of education funds are given to children from TNI families in 34 provinces in Indonesia. These outstanding students are the biological sons and daughters of active TNI members with a maximum Parental Rank of First Officer or equivalent.

The scholarship was symbolically handed over by the SOEs Minister, Erick Thohir to the TNI Commander General, Andika Perkasa, Cilangkap, in a ceremony that implemented strict health protocols.

The SOEs Minister Erick Thohir said SOEs have the power of one-third of the national economy so that their movement is able to make the economy stronger. The ability of SOEs is also not only as a profit seeker, but also actively helping to complete various national strategic projects. Profits generated by SOEs are also redistributed to the state so that the government can continue to run various community welfare programs.

Erick said that he would continue to be proactive in continuing efforts to educate the nation. Moreover, social activities in the educational segment have become a focus for SOEs in allocating their CSR funds. This educational scholarship support program for the sons and daughters of the TNI is also a form of concern and appreciation of SOEs for all the services of state soldiers.

"This is indeed our sincerity to build a pro-people program. We believe that the sons and daughters of the Indonesian National Armed Forces deserve a quality higher education. This is our effort to show economic alignments while ensuring that Indonesia's young generation will become the backbone of our country in the future," he said.

For information, the education fund quota for 1,775 students has also increased, from the support for educational scholarships in 2020 which was only 1593 quota. The Commander of the Indonesian National Armed Forces, General Andika Perkasa, appreciated the steps taken by SOEs that were proactive in assisting the distribution of education funds for state soldiers. "We are of course very honored. Moreover, we have also received a commitment to provide re-education funds at the end of this year with a much larger allocation than today," he said.

BNI Support

On the same occasion, BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar said that through this program, scholarships are given to the children of TNI members who serve at the TNI Headquarters, the Army, the Special Forces Corps (Kopassus), the Navy, and the Air Force. BNI itself distributed educational assistance to 195 students. "This is a form of SOEs’ concern for the responsibility of defending the state that is imposed on members of the TNI, as well as an effort for SOEs to increase superior human resources through education," he said.

Currently, there are various achievements of the TNI that deserve attention, namely the achievement of being unbeaten in the Army of Skill Arms at Meeting (AASAM) competition 10 times in a row (TNI). The TNI is also consistently involved by the United Nations in various world missions (TNI). The TNI is also included in the top 15 largest military forces in the world (TNI). Indonesia is ranked 9th out of 142 safest countries in 2017 in the world above Denmark, China, the Netherlands, and Japan according to the Gallup survey version.


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