Supporting the Economy Restoration with Gelegar Lelang BNI 2022

Supporting the Economy Restoration with Gelegar Lelang BNI 2022

Jakarta, 30 March 2022 -- The improving economy has opened up the potential for high-margin investment for many people. Today's competitively priced assets are potential high-margin investments. Responding to this trend, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI in collaboration with the Directorate General of State Assets (DJKN) of the Ministry of Finance, held the Gelegar Lelang BNI 2022 Program which was launched on Wednesday, 30 March 2022 in Jakarta.

The Corporate Secretary of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI, Mucharom said, now is the right time to invest in property because it has the potential to get high capital gains. The Gelegar Lelang BNI Program will auction more than 2,000 assets with a total value of Rp 4 trillion, and is a massive effort to introduce to the public another way to obtain assets through auctions. People can buy assets in a fast, easy, and transparent way, and get the best price.

Furthermore, Mucharom explained that this program was also carried out to take advantage of the momentum of improving the economy after the COVID-19 pandemic, which was quite suppressing the performance of Banking in the country. It was also added that the collateral being auctioned was not the debtor's collateral affected by Covid-19.

The Gelegar Lelang BNI 2022 Program which was initiated in this month, planned to last until the end of 2022, namely in June, September, and December. The auction is carried out simultaneously in all State Assets and Auction Service Offices (KPKNL) throughout Indonesia, as well as to enliven the 114th Year of Indonesian Auction. Mucharom said, BNI as the oldest state-owned Bank in Indonesia has an operational reach spread throughout Indonesia, the company has various types of non-earning collateral assets scattered throughout the country.

As is known, DJKN is one of the Echelon I units within the Ministry of Finance which has the task of carrying out the formulation and implementation of policies in the field of state assets, valuation, and auctions in accordance with the provisions of laws and regulations will support the Gelegar Lelang BNI activities and always make auctions a safe, reliable and trusted buying and selling option.

Auctions as an alternative to buying and selling are currently quite attractive to the Indonesian people and are organized by the Government in this case DJKN through 71 KPKNL which are DJKN vertical offices throughout Indonesia. The auctions served include 3 major divisions, namely the Execution Auction, the Mandatory Non-execution Auction, and the Voluntary Non-execution Auction. The type of auction for this Gelegar Lelang BNI

Event is the Execution Auction originating from bad credit collateral handled by BNI.
The auction announcement is made through the official website and other official print media by the seller in accordance with the provisions. To be able to make an auction offer, auction participants are required to deposit a bid security deposit (the amount of which is set in the range of 20%-50% of the limit value of the goods offered by the auction) through the official KPKNL account as a form of the seriousness of the bidders.

The security deposit will be calculated as part of the settlement if the participant is appointed as the winner of the auction, but will be returned without any deduction if the participant does not win the auction. For any participant who has been appointed as the winner of the auction but does not make payment according to the provisions within the specified time limit, the bid is canceled and the security deposit is forfeited and deposited into the state treasury.

The implementation of online auctions is increasingly accessible through the "Indonesian Auction" application which can be downloaded on the Playstore using all types of smart phones. Currently, the Indonesian auction application has been downloaded by more than 100,000 users. The users of application do not need to worry about the security of the DJKN auction site, because the auction has passed security testing by the National Cyber and Crypto Agency.

Details of the collateral assets sold by BNI can be browsed through the website and of course also through the BNI Auction Collateral application. If you participate in joint auction activities with DJKN, you can go through KPKNL/auction offices spread throughout Indonesia, the method is also easy and transparent.

Visit the website for details on how to participate in the auction. It's Time to Buy Assets! Because it's fast, easy, and transparent. For further information, please contact BNI.


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