Encouraging MSMEs to Go Global, BNI Xpora Collaborates with ICC Indonesia

Encouraging MSMEs to Go Global, BNI Xpora Collaborates with ICC Indonesia

Jakarta, 12 April 2022 -- As a development agent with the mandate of Indonesian Global Bank from the government, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk. or BNI (stock code : BBNI) continues to strengthen international business during this year's economic recovery.

Most recently, BNI has partnered with the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC) or the Indonesian International Chamber of Commerce to support Government programs and improve the businesses of Small, Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) through empowerment and provision of Banking solutions so that they can market and develop their products to the global market.

This synergy was marked by the signing of a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between BNI’s Treasury and International Director, Henry Panjaitan and ICC Indonesia President, IIham Akbar Habibie at Xpora Hub, Smesco Building, Jakarta, Tuesday (12/4/2022).

Henry appreciates the opportunity given by ICC to the Company. According to him, this strategic collaboration is BNI's commitment to play an active role as a preferred global Banking partner.

"BNI will continue to strive to provide Banking service solutions and assistance for export-oriented business actors, especially MSMEs, so that they can develop their production capacity to penetrate the global market," he said.

Henry said that in this collaboration, BNI will utilize a network of Overseas Branch Offices (KCLN) which are spread in 6 (six) global economic centers, including Singapore, Hong Kong, Tokyo, London, New York, and Seoul. The Company can facilitate business matchmaking between Indonesian MSME exporters and potential buyers.

"In addition, our Overseas Branch Offices also have an important role in providing advisory services related to market insight and local regulations related to custom & tax, as well as providing special financing schemes for Indonesian business actors ranging from Corporate, Medium, and Small scales so that they are able to penetrate the global market." added Henry.

As for the scope of the collaboration agreed between BNI and ICC Indonesia is the provision of resource persons in the BNI MSME empowerment program organized by both parties in an effort to increase the competitiveness of BNI MSME products in the global market.

In addition to the joint development program, the use of Banking products and services as one of the digitalization efforts through payment gateways, production financing, and investment for BNI MSMEs.

The hope is that through this collaboration, MSME players can advance to class and go global by utilizing the BNI Xpora program, which is a one stop solution in providing integrated services for export-oriented MSME players.

Benefiting from the BNI Xpora program, MSMEs receive support in the form of increasing production capacity and quality, education in the preparation of financial reports, as well as support for access to product marketing abroad through business matchmaking with buyers in global markets. In addition, Xpora is also supported by digital features to make it easier for MSMEs to take advantage of BNI's integrated services.

In the effort to engage with the Export - Import Ecosystem both at home and abroad, BNI will hold a big event BNI Global Trade Forum (GTF) 2022 in June 2022.

The series of activities leading up to the 2022 BNI GTF has been carried out since the beginning of 2022, namely the Diaspora Talk Series involving 6 (six) Overseas Branch Offices by presenting speakers from Diaspora, exporters, importers, trade associations and the Indonesian Embassy in each country who discussed issues related to trade, commodities needed (imports), financing for diaspora/importers in the local country as well as business matching sessions, by presenting speakers from Diaspora, exporters, importers, trade associations and the Indonesian Embassy in each country.

Another series of pre-events is the Regional Trade Talk Series which involves all BNI Regional Offices and presents regulators in the Export-Import Ecosystem, such as Customs and Excise, the Provincial Trade Office, Associations including ICC Indonesia.

About BNI Smart Trade

BNI Smart Trade is here to serve the needs of Trade both both domestically and overseas (Export-Import) with the tagline: "Bridging Indonesia and the World". BNI Smart Trade products include: Letter of Credit (LC), Domestic Documentary Letter of Credit (SKBDN), Standby Letter of Credit (SBLC), Demand Guarantee, Counter Guarantee and Supply Chain Financing based on Open Account Financing.

BNI's Trade Finance services are supported by a reliable digital system through BNI Trade Online (BTO) which is integrated with BNI Direct (Internet Banking), an extensive international network and the only state-owned Bank in Indonesia that has a Global Network in 6 Countries.

BNI also has 30 Remittance Representatives in 8 countries, and more than 1,400 BNI Correspondent Banks serving all customers with more than 137,000 networks (BNI ATM, Agen46, and Business Centers) and served by 39 Trade Finance Officers (TFOs) spread across the office. Regions throughout Indonesia to provide Advisory on Trade Finance and International Trade.

During the January to March 2022 period, BNI recorded an Export Volume of 1.53 billion USD, growing 34.68% while the Import Volume of 1.12 billion USD grew by 131.22% compared to the same period in the previous year.
Won the award as The Best Trade Finance Bank in Indonesia form Alpha South East Asia Magazine 2010 - 2021 for 11 consecutive years.


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