Gangga to Rendy Pandugo Enliven BNI Java Jazz On The Move

Gangga to Rendy Pandugo Enliven BNI Java Jazz On The Move

Jakarta, 7 May 2022 -- The series of performances of BNI Java Jazz On The Move (JJOTM) 2022 raised great hopes for Indonesian musicians, this desire was clearly stated for the success of the JJOTM event. GANGGA and Rendy Pandugo, who came to celebrate JJOTM, expressed their views on how cool this pre event was before entering and welcoming the main event from the Jakarta International BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022, on 27 - 29 May.

According to them, this year's JJOTM provides certainty. In addition, Indonesian musicians were exposed to the international music scene, with this BNI event. "Hopefully, BNI will of course continue to hold festivals that help Indonesian musicians, new musicians, and young talents to give encouragement so that their music can be known by many people, not only in Indonesia but also abroad," said GANGGA. 

Just for information, the two of them appeared to fill JJOTM at Grand Galaxy Park Bekasi, Saturday 7 May 2022. Annually or every year, JJOTM is always held every weekend in different areas in Jabodetabek. 

Immediately, the singer of the song "Blue Jeans" was excited to wait for his turn to appear at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022, at the end of this May. "He felt surprised, because it was really sudden, BNI made a surprise that could be considered extraordinary. I never thought that I was invited to BNI Java Jazz Festival 2022 and given the trust to sing there, I won't waste this opportunity," said GANGGA. 

Here, GANGGA bewitched the BNI JJOTM audience through a series of other hits, including the songs Journey On September, It's Always Love You, Whiskey Bottle, Waiting For You, This Love Will Never End and many more. 

Likewise, singer Rendy Pandugo appreciated the innovation of the BNI JJOTM event after the COVID-19 pandemic subsided. "BNI Java Jazz Festival has always been my favorite festival and it's always a pleasure to be present at this event," he said. 

What's interesting, said Rendy, is not only to introduce musicians who are currently or currently popular, but BNI JJOTM also helps introduce new musicians to the surface. 

“It must be admitted that with BNI Java Jazz Festival, we become aware of who is now good and who is new, who is now really nice to listen to. BNI Java Jazz Festival helps with that, so automatically Indonesian musicians are assisted and shown to the surface," said Rendy. 

"Hopefully BNI Java Jazz Festival will continue to exist and there will be new talents every year," added Rendy. Meanwhile, Rendy Pandugo greeted fans with various hit songs, namely I Don't Care, Don't Call Me and others while celebrating his birthday at the same time as the BNI JJOTM event yesterday. 

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