BNI Profit Last Year Soared by 232.2%, BNI Mobile Banking Users Increase Significantly Strengthen 2022 Optimism

BNI Profit Last Year Soared by 232.2%, BNI Mobile Banking Users Increase Significantly Strengthen 2022 Optimism

Jakarta, 18 June 2022 -- 2021 will be a year of growth for PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI. The bank with the BBNI stock code managed to make a positive leap in performance recovery in the 2021 financial year with a net profit of IDR 10.89 trillion, growing 232.2% year on year (yoy), or double the profit in 2020.

The source of this growth is digital services, where BNI Mobile Banking is the mainstay. As the Product Champion of digital services, BNI Mobile Banking strengthens the Company's optimism in advancing to 2022.

The public's need for digital transactions is increasing along with the ease of services offered by banks. That is why, BNI continues to innovate features that make it easier for customers to encourage user improvement and BNI Mobile Banking transaction performance.

BNI Vice President Director, Adi Sulistyowati explained, the number of mobile banking users as of May 2022 has reached 11.8 million, an increase of 32% on an annual basis.

The number of BNI Mobile Banking transactions is still growing aggressively with growth in May 2022 reaching 33% on an annual basis. Nominal transactions in BNI Mobile Banking also increased by 23% on an annual basis.

"Of course, this achievement is a reflection of our efforts to continuously improve and increase the added value of the services provided through BNI Mobile Banking," she said.

Adi Sulistyowati, who is familiarly called Susi, continued, the added value is in the form of sustainable development. The Company presents various innovative features based on user needs, as well as technology development for both retail and business customer needs and of course supports the services transformation to digital.

BNI also encourages the growth of user acquisition and transaction activation through various programs and promotions from BNI side as well as collaboration with partners who play a role in presenting transactional features in BNI mobile banking such as e-wallet, telecommunications providers, switching companies, and others.

"Of course, all of this is done with the hope of maintaining and increasing customer attractiveness and satisfaction so as to increase the use of BNI Mobile Banking," she mentioned.

Susi believes that the current banking competition is focused on providing reliable services through digital banking channels. In fact, many digital banks and other financial institutions have also introduced new service innovations that motivate BNI to continue to provide excellent service to BNI Mobile Banking.

"BNI also routinely improves mobile Banking services every month in the form of continuous improvement, capability enhancement, and new innovation feature services to provide added value for customers using BNI Mobile Banking," she added.

Furthermore, Susi said, digital services strengthening is very important in helping the community to reduce transaction costs because digital services can be used from anywhere and anytime, without the need to visit bank outlets. Moreover, this will save a lot of public transportation costs when going to the bank.

"Thus, the development of BNI digital services also supports the government's efforts towards a cashless society, as well as providing easiness, convenience, and security in transactions which are the main factors for Indonesia's economic growth," she added.

Significant Performance

In the meantime, BNI Corporate Secretary Mucharom conveyed, BNI Mobile Banking is a Product Champion belonging to BNI which is the source of revenue and profit for the Company.

As is known, BNI managed to make a positive leap in recovery in the 2021 financial year. BNI's 2021 performance was very encouraging where the net profit was able to exceed market expectations. The achievement of this net profit was generated from Operating Income Before Reserves (OIBR) which grew strongly 14.8% yoy to reach Rp 31.06 trillion.

"This achievement is even the highest BNI has ever produced, higher than operating income before the pandemic. In addition, efforts to improve credit quality through monitoring, handling, and effective policies have made the cost of credit improve to 3.3 percent," he said.

Mucharom continued, BNI's performance expansion will continue in 2022. At the beginning of this year, profitability was recorded to be solid, in line with strong economic growth.

Credit quality continues to improve thereby increasing the Company's ability to accelerate revenue printing at the beginning of the year. The high level of financial transactions on digital platforms is also a source of growth in Fee Based Income (FBI) which encourages progressive profit growth.

Net profit in the first quarter of this year reached Rp 3.96 trillion, growing 63.2% yoy. This net profit achievement resulted from Operating Income Before Reserves (OIBR) which grew strongly by 7.3% yoy to Rp 8.5 trillion.

“We are grateful that BNI was able to maintain a solid performance at the beginning of this year. This performance is one sign of recovery as well as better economic growth this year. Our digital transformation also encourages the opening of new economic potentials," he said. (*)


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