More Profitable with BNI Promo on the 76th Anniversary

More Profitable with BNI Promo on the 76th Anniversary

Jakarta, 3 July 2022 – Anniversaries are always a special day so it's a shame to just pass it up without an extraordinary touch. Likewise with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk or BNI, which will have its 76th anniversary on 5 July 2022.

The bank with the stock code BBNI prepared a series of special programs on its birthday which was carried with the theme 'BNI for Stronger Indonesia', in line with supporting post-pandemic recovery, in order to grow stronger and sustainably. Various special promos this time are aimed at 'For Indonesia to be More Profitable'. Why is that? Curious right? Here's a list of promos.

All Rp 76 Promo

Special for those of you who like online shopping at Tokopedia, Blibli, Shopee and JDID. Discounts up to Rp. 7.6 million with a BNI Card. To support your mobility, get a discount of up to Rp 76 thousand at Grab with BNI Cards and enjoy a 76% discount at Bluebird and Rp 76 thousand Cashback at Gojek with a BNI Credit Card on 5-7 July 2022.

Eat at Pizza Hut or order online at Pizza Hut Delivery (PHD) get a discount of Rp 76 thousand for a minimum transaction of Rp 250 thousand with QRIS BNI Mobile Banking & BNI Card on 5 July 2022.

For those of you who want to watch movies at XXI, you can enjoy a special price of only Rp 7,600 for purchasing 1 regular ticket or Pop Corn with QRIS BNI Mobile Banking for the period 9-10 July 2022. For BNI Credit and Debit Card holders, get a 76% discount for purchase of 2 regular viewing tickets at selected XXI cinemas on 9 July 2022. In addition, special Emerald Debit Card holders also get a 76% discount for purchasing The Premiere XXI tickets on 9 July 2022.

For those who like to travel, there is a discount of up to Rp 1.76 million at Garuda Indonesia with BNI Cards on 5-7 July 2022. Discounts of up to Rp 760 thousand at and Pegipegi with BNI Cards. And discounts up to Rp 760 thousand at Traveloka with BNI Credit Cards.

For those who haven't shopped monthly, there is a 76% discount with BNI Cards or a Rp. 76 thousand discount with QRIS BNI Mobile Banking at LOTTEMart on 5 July 2022.

QRIS and BNI Mobile Banking Promos

Want to eat at KFC Indonesia, only pay Rp. 76 thousand for a bucket purchase on 5-7 July 2022. Want a fresh drink? Only pay Rp 7,600 at Kokumi or Jiwa Group on 5-7 July 2022. Shopping at the beginning of the month at Lottemart can also get a discount of Rp 76 thousand with a minimum transaction of Rp 300 thousand with QRIS BNI Mobile Banking.

If you want to eat at McDonald's Indonesia, you can also get 50% cashback (maximum cashback of Rp 50 thousand and minimum transaction of Rp 50 thousand valid on July 7, 2022). You will be given another cashback for paying for parking using BNI Mobile Banking worth Rp. 7,600,- for parking for at least the first 2 hours at Senayan City, BNI Tower, Central Park, Pacific Place and Aeon Mall BSD on 5 – 30 July 2022.

Don't have BNI Mobile Banking yet? Download and activate now, multiply transactions with BNI Mobile Banking, at least 30 transactions during the program period, you can get the latest gadgets from iPhone 13 Pro Max to Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra, iPad 9th Gen up to a total savings balance of millions of rupiah, activation period 25 June - 31 July 2022.

Need protection on vacation? Get the convenience of insurance protection in one hand by purchasing Digi Micro insurance through BNI Mobile Banking and for the first 76 customers to make a purchase with the option of UP Rp 60 million for 3 months insurance period will get additional insurance protection for the next 3 months with a coverage money of Rp 20 million per customer after the first due date of the police.

TapCash Promo

Pay parking only Rp76,- for the first 1 hour at Mall Pacific Place, Plaza Senayan, Plaza Indonesia, Gandaria City, Kota Kasablanka, Cilandak Town Square, Aeon BSD, Botani Square Bogor, Summarecon Mall Serpong, Metropolitan Mall Bekasi, Margonda City Depok.

Want to buy attractive designs of TapCash, get 76% discount at Bumi Langit Official Store, Tokopedia, Shopee, Blibli, Dinomarket and Bukalapak.

Want to buyTapCash at the nearest minimarket booth? Pay only Rp 17,600 at Indomaret, Alfamart and Alfamidi!

By making TapCash top up you can get free products only at Indomaret and Alfamart. You can also get cheap redemption gifts of various products with only Rp 7,600 at Alfamidi!

TapCash top up can also get Rp 76 thousand cashback at Tokopedia, LinkAja and Bukalapak.

Virtual Account Promo Via Mobile Banking and BNI Griya

a. Parade cashback balances of OVO, DANA, SHOPEEPAY Rp 46 thousand and Rp 76 thousand.

Make sure BNI Mobile Banking is active to top-up your e-wallet balance. Win a prize of IDR 46 thousand with a minimum top-up of IDR 150 thousand. Minimum transaction 1x per day on 27 June to 26 July 2022.

Continue to use BNI Mobile Banking to top-up your e-wallet balance. Win a prize of IDR 46 thousand with a minimum top-up of IDR 150 thousand. Minimum transaction 2x per day on 27 June to 26 August 2022.

Increase BNI debit card transactions, collect POIN+ and exchange them in Mobile Banking, 76% discount for all POIN+ exchanges from 5 to 25 July 2022. Open BNI Digital savings and BNI Mobile Banking activation get cashback up to Rp. 176 thousand. and get an Extra cashback of Rp. 76 thousand, by Top-Up your e-wallet balance of at least Rp. 150,000 using the referral code: BNIDANA, BNIOVO, BNISHOPEPAY with a minimum of 1 transaction per day on 26 June to 25 August 2022.

b. Special interest rate

Enjoy special interest rates for BNI's Anniversary starting from 2.76% p.a. eff fixed for the first 1 year with BNI Griya at BNI Cooperation Developer Partners. Discounted provision fees and free administration fees. Instant approval process as well as the option of free principal installments for the first 2 years and ease of online submission with BNI Griya e-Form.

Variety of BNI Fleksi, Griya, Investment and BNIDirect

Special for BNI Anniversary 2022, BNI Fleksi offered 9% p.a interest rate effective for all tenor with 0.76% provision fee from the maximum Loan. Rp 76 thousand administration fee with an additional 0.76% LinkAja balance reward for the First 76 Debtors who submit and book via eForm on 6 June - 31 August 2022.

For every purchase of Open End Mutual Funds at BNI Mobile Banking, you can also get 4.6% cashback. Invest now! Minimum purchase of Mutual Funds is Rp. 1 million, with cashback of max. 250 thousand/customer. Valid for the fastest 1,000 customers on 1 - 31 July 2022. Valid for all Open End Mutual Fund products except Money Market Mutual Funds

Enjoy BNI Griya Gelegar BNI 2022 Auction Program for the period 1 July - 31 December 2022 in order to Purchase Credit Collateral through auctions and non-auctions. Meanwhile, Free Billing Payment, LLG/Clearing & RTGS fees via BNIDirect on 27 June – 30 September 2022 for a quota of 9100 customers (Giran + Debtor All segment). Customers must use BNIDirect for tax payments (Income TAx/VAT/Customs), BPJS Health, BPJS Employee, PLN, Telkom, LLG, and RTGS every month during the program period.

BNI Group Promo

Get 11% cashback for purchasing BNI-AM Mutual Funds (except Money Market Mutual Funds) of at least Rp 100 thousand. Valid for the first 200 people and purchases can be made through APERD BNI-AM (BNI Sekuritas, Tanamduit and Makmur), promo until 1 - 29 July 2022.

It's never too late to start investing, invest using BIONS by BNI Sekuritas. Open RDN for Investment through BNI Mobile Banking, get a BNI-AM IDX 30 Mutual Fund bonus worth IDR 76 thousand. There is an additional Mutual Fund bonus worth Rp 50 thousand just by making financial transactions at BNI Mobile Banking. It is limited quota for the first 760 customers, within the period 5 - 31 July 2022.

There is a program from BNI Life Special for 76 customers of BNI's 76th Anniversary with a minimum premium of Rp. 25 million during July 2022, for purchasing BLMPP Plus, BLife Solusi Abadi, Smart Solutions, and Steady Protection products, they get a cash reward of Rp 760 thousand. In addition, get Personal Accident Insurance worth Rp 40 million for the 76 fastest issued customers for purchasing BLPM Plus, Steady Protection, Abadi Solutions, Smart Solutions and Infinite Protection products with a minimum premium of Rp 10 million.

With BNI Multifinance, enjoy interest promos starting from 2.5% flat for new car financing, valid for all special brands for the first 76 people with a 20% DP and interest starting at 2.5%. And also for Honda car financing with a DP of 20% and interest starting at 2.5% (Honda Tendean) for the period 4 - 30 July 2022. (*)


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