Stunning Results, Suteepat Praateeptienchai Won BNI-Ciputra Golfpreneur

Stunning Results, Suteepat Praateeptienchai Won BNI-Ciputra Golfpreneur

Tangerang Selatan, Saturday, 27 August 2022 -- Suteepat Praateeptienchai managed to show his dominance in the BNI-Ciputra Golfpreneur Tournament 2022 Asian Development Tour. This Thai golfer achieved the highest score on the leaderboard and won this prestigious international golf event.

The national athlete, Goerge Gandranata was able to show a very impressive game against world golfers and won Best Indonesian Pro Player. Mathew Lumbantoruan also came out as Best Indonesian Amateur Player.

The closing of this prestigious competition was held at Damai Indah Golf, BSD Course, South Tangerang on Saturday (27/8/2022). Minister of Youth and Sports, Zainudin Amali, Managing Director of Ciputra Group, Budiarsa Sastarawinata, Managing Director of Ciputra Group, Candra Ciputra, and BNI President Director, Royke Tumilaar also attended and gave awards to the golfers who won this competition. The total Prizes won by the winners are US$110,000.

Royke said the golfers’ performance were stunning. In this event they were not only maintain the quality of the game but further develop the game to a higher level.

Indonesian young golfers also managed to show a very good resistance. This shows the great potential of young Indonesian golfers who are able to compete on the world stage.

"We congratulate the winners. We are also proud of all the young Indonesian golfers who have competed. We hope that the BNI-Ciputra Golfpreneur Tournament 2022 Asian Development Tour can be a catalyst for improving the ability of young Indonesian golfers," he said.

Royke continued, BNI is proud to be involved and become the title sponsor for the BNI-Ciputra Golfpreneur Tournament 2022 Asian. Moreover, the Golfpreneur Tournament Asian Development Tour is one of the prestigious events that is in the spotlight of world-class golfers.

“For BNI, this international standard competition is in line with the spirit of BNI Go Global which wants to encourage more local businesses to be able to compete in world class. BNI is a government-owned bank that is proactive in developing sports in the country. Not only providing support, we actively contribute to ensure more local athletes make global achievements," he concluded.

Supporting Golf, Minister of Youth and Sports appreciates BNI 

On this occasion, Zainudin Amali appreciated BNI for being willing to participate in golf development. In fact, as an SOE, BNI has also been assigned to develop Indonesian badminton to continue to make proud achievements in the international arena.

"The participation of SOE such as BNI is certainly very helpful. Even though we know that BNI has been assigned to develop badminton and is still willing to develop national golf," he said.

Zainudin continued, this international event has the potential to be further developed, so that it can become a very good competition for Indonesian golfers to improve their abilities.

"Hopefully this can continue so that we can also print golf athletes to bring the Indonesian flag to the world stage," he said.


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