Work with Heart, Young Talents of SOEs Are Encouraged to be More Productive

Work with Heart, Young Talents of SOEs Are Encouraged to be More Productive

Jakarta, 16 September 2022 -- Young talents of SOEs have an increasingly strategic role in determining the direction of improving national economic performance. Working with MORAL (AKHLAK) principle, as well as the spirit that comes from the heart is one of the keys to always maintain high productivity.

Minister of State-Owned Enterprises Erick Thohir said that currently there are many young people who hold important positions in SOEs, starting from BOD minus 1, to Board of Directors. Of course, this position will greatly determine the direction of national economic development, especially SOEs are the backbone in various economic sectors with strong assets and profitability.

Therefore, Erick hopes that the millennial generation of SOEs can always maintain the values of MORAL and work spirit with heart so that productivity can always be maintained.

"I work with my heart. By working with our hearts, that's what makes us wake up early and give our best, and we want the results to be good. Because we use our hearts," he said at the SOEs Young Leader Summit Vol.1 at BNI Tower, Jakarta, Friday (16/9/2022).

Erick recommends that the young talents of SOEs not to limit themselves only to the same knowledge and abilities. After all, the economy continues to grow and brings new trends.

“We are limitless if we don't limit ourselves. We are given extraordinary abilities. It's just a matter of whether we want to or not to always improve our abilities and skills," he said.

On the occasion, BNI Corporate & International Banking Director Silvano Rumantir said that SOEs had a unique job where they had to maintain a balance between value creators and agents of change.

This means that SOEs must maintain business growth by mitigating risks but on the other hand they must continue to support the welfare of the community to achieve long-term sustainability.

"Obviously the role of SOEs is very critical in national economic growth, where currently there has been a fairly massive transformation with optimization and business efficiency to make the Indonesian economy stronger," he said.

Furthermore, Silvano explained that the millennial generation of SOEs under 42 years old had occupied 5% of the directorship positions. With continuous talent development and opening up wide opportunities for the younger generation, it is expected that around 10% of the millennial generation will occupying board of directors positions.

“Obviously this will be our pride. Moreover, we are a unitary state company that has assets 2 times larger than Temasek. SOEs revenues also reached almost Rp 2,000 trillion, or almost equivalent to revenues in the state budget," he concluded.


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