BNI Indonesian Masters presented by TNE, Suwannarut Remains at the Top Rank

BNI Indonesian Masters presented by TNE, Suwannarut Remains at the Top Rank

Jakarta, Saturday (3/12/2022)  -- Sarit Suwannarut's firm hold on the top position was further strengthened in the third round of the BNI Indonesian Masters 2022 presented by Tunas Niaga Energi (TNE) on Saturday (3/12/2022).

Until hole 14 of round 3, Suwannarut posted four under par 52 strokes. The four under resulted from seven birdies and three bogey. However, with a total of 15 under 185, the Thai golfer is alone comfortable leading the tour with a total prize of US$1.5 million or around Rp23.5 billion.

For information, the patience of the contestant golfers at the BNI Indonesian Masters 2022 presented by Tunas Niaga Energi (TNE) was really tested. The game must be stopped due to rainy weather colored by lightning, continued on Sunday (4/12/2022).

Suwannarut said that in the past few tours before appearing at the BNI Indonesian Masters, his performance was far from sweet. He felt uncomfortable. Luckily, his coach and team gave him advice that helped him regain his composure.

The result was seen at the Royale Jakarta Golf Club, East Jakarta. Since the early rounds, Suwannarut's club swings have paid off. Even so, the world 827 rank is not yet calm. Technically there is indeed an improvement. Nevertheless, Suwannarut still has to work on his mental state.

"I play video games, watch movies, and things that make me happy. The tour isn't over yet, I don't want to relax too much, but I'm happy," he said.

On the other hand, as in the previous two rounds, the golfers' battle was again delayed by rain with lightning. Before being stopped, Kosuke Hamamoto approached Suwannarut.

Having completed 15 of the 18 holes available, Hamamoto (Thailand) posted 13 under 190. Followed by Veer Ahlawat, who up to hole 14, shot a total of 12 under 188.  

Good Progress, Kevin Still Avoiding Ambition

On the other hand, Kevin Caesario Akbar showed improved game progress. The lone representative of the host who passed the cut off, hit one under 71 in round 3 of the BNI Indonesian Masters 2022. In total he packed 5 under 271.  

Kevin again admitted that he only capitalized on keeping focus and enjoyment. In fact, he made several punches that were not to his liking. Not yet complacent, although also without ambition, the owner of a posture of 172 cm and weighs 68 kg.

"My mindset in competing is to play loose. From experience, every time I set a target, let alone being ambitious, my results are actually bad. Never mind, the important thing is to make good shots," said Kevin.  

Secretly, when appearing at the Indonesian Masters 2022, Kevin had wanted more results. As it turned out, his game actually sagged. This took place in the middle of round 2, Kevin had produced two over. He immediately reorganized his mentality, focusing only on the game, not the results.

In round 3, Kevin started his work by immediately reaping bogey, repeated again when it was on hole 8. Luckily in the next three holes, precisely on holes 15, 16, and 18, Kevin got up and scored birdies.

"So, even though the under I made increased, my principle ahead of round 4 is not to be mentally burdened," said the golfer who defended Indonesia at the Asian Games 2018.

Towards round 4 or the final session of the Asian Tour flagged event, Kevin again just wants to maintain his condition, the golfer born on 24 February 1998 has no special weapons, other than pleasing himself by playing games.

Besides Kevin there are also other young golfers like Elkie Kow, and Naraaji Emerald Ramadhan Putra who in June 2022 won the Asian Development Tour at the Golf Invitational in Jakarta.



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