Strengthening International Business, Consumer and Channel Digitalization, BNI Receives Four Awards

Strengthening International Business, Consumer and Channel Digitalization, BNI Receives Four Awards

PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI (stock code: BBNI) is committed to continuing to strengthen its international banking, consumer and channel transformation businesses.

This is expected to answer the growing needs of customers and encourage the trend of national economic recovery acceleration.

In this regard, BNI won four awards in the CNBC Indonesia Award 2022 event. The four awards include, the Best CEO for International Banking, the Best Leader in Digital Channel Transformation, the Best Customer Experience Award for Priority Banking, and the Most Impressive Woman Banker in Consumer Banking.

The award was received directly by BNI Director of Corporate & International Banking Silvano Rumantir, BNI Director of Network & Services Ronny Venir, and BNI General Manager Wealth Management Henny Eugenia on Monday (12/12/2022).

In his statement, BNI Corporate Secretary Okki Rushartomo expressed his gratitude for the award given. As one of the state-owned banks, BNI has the mandate to develop banking services abroad. This cannot be separated from the existence of the BNI branch office which has been present for the first time in Singapore since 1955.

The Company has two strategic business segments for international business, namely MSMEs Go Export and the diaspora community, both of which are growing positively.

"BNI wants to raise Indonesian MSMEs in the midst of global economic turbulence like today. BNI's aggressive steps are expected to help MSMEs enjoy the crispness of the international market," said Okki.

Okki explained that until now there are around 8 million diasporas abroad that have the potential to be served by BNI. Of this number, 4 million diasporas are immigrant workers, while the rest have become foreign citizens.

In the same regard, the consumer business, said Okki, BNI was able to accelerate so that BNI products were still chosen by the public. This can be seen from consumer third party funds (TPF), namely savings that were successfully collected by BNI in 2020, which grew by double digits.

At the end of 2020, TPF (Third Party Funds) grew 10.4% YoY to IDR211,278 trillion. In 2021, TPF also grew 6.3% to IDR 224,670 trillion.

Likewise, consumer loans also increased in 2020, growing 5.2% to IDR88,723 trillion. In 2021, consumer loans even grew 10.4% to IDR97,948 trillion.

"The positive performance then continued until now where in September 2022 it grew 11.3% YoY to Rp106,040 trillion," Okki concluded.

Regarding service channels, Okky said that entering the era of the industrial revolution 4.0, the role of Outlet/Channel must be further strengthened. BNI strives to provide an example of how digital transformation is carried out comprehensively and remains relevant to customer needs.

While many banks immediately focus on digital channels, BNI's approach is much smoother and more comprehensive. Digital channel for all Outlets/Channels in BNI is indeed the ultimate goal. However, to get there, a mature strategy is needed and executed in stages considering the various challenges that exist.

"The challenges faced range from the low financial literacy of the community to the digital literacy of the community that needs to be improved," Okki said



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