Supporting Indonesian Sports, BNI Launches Jakarta BNI46 Volleyball Team

Supporting Indonesian Sports, BNI Launches Jakarta BNI46 Volleyball Team

Jakarta, Tuesday (3/1/2023) -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk. or BNI is committed to continuing to be proactive in supporting the progress of sports, especially Volleyball in Indonesia. BNI re-launches the Jakarta BNI46 Volleyball Team as a form of this commitment.

BNI Human Capital & Compliance Director as well as BNI46 Jakarta Volleyball Team Coach Mucharom said that the company has never missed the Proliga competition since 2002 until present. Proliga is also a good competition for BNI to promote business and improve the company's image to the public.

"We hope that the Proliga event in 2023 will be a momentum for the revival of national volleyball, which is able to produce more outstanding athletes so that they can carry the name of Indonesia in the international arena. Let's uphold sportsmanship and achieve the highest achievements so that the Jakarta BNI 46 Team can Jump Higher," he said on Tuesday (3/1/2023).

Mucharom said, in the Proliga Competition 2022, the Jakarta BNI46 Volleyball Team wrapped the Proliga match with a very good achievement. This year, the team will be pulling out all the stops to become the first champion in the Proliga Competition 2023which will be more lively this year.

"Of course, by looking at the statistics of achievements that have been accomplished, it is not exaggerate if we target the first place for this year's competition. We are also optimistic that we can provide the best spectacle to the volleyball-loving public," he said.

Team Composition

Following is the latest line-up of the BNI 46 Men's Team. At the outside hitter positions are Ade Chandra and Sam Holt.
The middle blockers are Dhani Anggriawan, Alif Rajab B, Risky Ramadan, and Faisal Ashar. Meanwhile, the players at the opposite positions are Imam Ahmad Faisal, Kaula Nurhidayat, Achmad Rizal N, and Pretar Premovic. The team is also strengthened by Walfridus Wahyu as Head Coach.



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