BNI TrainsMore Than 500 Sugar Cane Farmers dan Disburses Partnership Credit

Yogyakarta, 13 November 2017 – As many as500 sugar cane farmers from Lampung and West Java obtain rare opportunity to get training on sugar cane proper cultivation from Plantation Education Institution (LPP) of Yogyakarta Campus, in collaboration with PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI. The training was done gradually and divided into 5 Batches so that the training result can be maximally absorbed by the farmers.

The First Batch training was conducted at the LPP Auditorium of Yogyakarta Campus, Jalan Urip Sumoharjo,Yogyakarta, Monday (13 November 2017) and ended on 16 November 2017. This First Batch training was attended by the GM of Small Business Division of BNI, Bambang Setyatmojo, training participants which consist of sugar cane farmers and employees of Bungamayang Sugar Factory.

Farmers who become the training participants are residents around the plantation managed by PT Perkebunan Nusantara (PTPN) 7 Lampung. In the next occasion, the sugar cane farmers invited to participate in training will be expanded to other cities, within the environment of PTPN 10 and PTPN 11 namely Mojokerto, Sidoarjo, Jombang, Kediri, Tulungagung, Lumajang, Jember and Situbondo. Farmers of this training participant are mentoring partners of BNI who obtain partnership credit support.

BNI has distributed partnership credit to sugar cane farmers within the environment of PTPN 7 Lampung with maximum limit of Rp 29 billion. As for distribution of partnership credit to farmers in the environment of PTPN 10 and PTPN 11 Eash Java until the end of  October 2017 reached Rp 37 billion. BNI estimates this partnership program can reach Rp 150 billion by the end of 2017.

The Corporate Secretary of BNI,Kiryanto,conveyed that BNI’s aim to convene this training is to improve knowledge, skill and experience of farmer in carrying out proper sugar cane cultivation. “We also want to improve positive character as well as the ability to partnering with stakeholders. In addition, we try to improve the sense of entrepreneurship so as able to improve sugar cane farmers’ independency,” he said.

After the training is completed, farmers are expected to be able to obtain additional competencies, both Hard Competency and Soft competency. Hard Competency obtained are among other things able to prepare land, nursery, plant maintenance, assessment, cutting loading transporting management, and determination of yield, up to sugar cane cultivation mechanism. As for Soft Competency obtained are character-building, ability to partnering with stakeholder, communication and negotiation technique, as well as building the sense of entrepreneurship. In addition, farmers also can directly witness the succeed of sugar cane business around Yogyakarta.


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