BNI Trisakti Connect Festival 2019, A Grand Reunion For Sharing dan Promoting Bank Products

Jakarta, February 17, 2019 --- Bank Negara Indonesia (BNI) and Trisakti University Alumni Association (IKA USAKTI) collaborated to invite USAKTI alumni to become more easily connected to each other and better-informed about the latest progress in banking services through the BNI Trisakti Connect Festival 2019 Grand Reunion event held on Feb. 17th at Istora Senayan, Jakarta.

In this event, BNI invited its affiliates to showcase their newest products to USAKTI alumni who graduated from 1965 as well as recent graduates. They offered banking products that were suitable for different ages. A number of promotion programs were presented to encourage USAKTI alumni to use up-to-date BNI products.

To highlight the cooperation between the two parties, BNI and IKA USAKTI grasped this grand reunion opportunity to sign a memorandum of understanding on the provision and use of banking services. And at the same time they established a cooperation agreement for the issuance and management of IKA USAKTI membership cards and insurance program management agreement. These agreements will allow BNI to embed a variety of digital services within the Trisakti Connect Application. This application was built by USAKTI to get their alumni better connected, while BNI makes it easier for them to access digital banking services.

Director of institutional relations Adi Sulistyowati said the Trisakti Connect Application was an application that supported liaison and fostered ties among alumni. While the IKA USAKTI debit card issued by BNI will complete the application and be prepared as a multifunctional card, including membership identity and shopping cards connected to member savings accounts, and TapCash cards and insurance coverage benefits. Trisakti alumni who are currently using student identity cards from BNI can simply convert their student identity cards into IKA USAKTI alumni debit cards free of charge.

"The program that we offer is also supported by BNI Life in providing various insurance management programs," he added.

This positive activity is expected to be continued regularly starting this year and will be an annual event for Trisakti University alumni from various classes and departments to get together. The activities are also expected to build closeness and camaraderie among the alumni and to contribute to the betterment of the alma mater and nation.

Protection for Alumni

On the occasion of this grand reunion, a cooperation agreement between BNI Life and IKA USAKTI, the Insurance Management Program, was also formalized. This product is life insurance specifically designed for IKA USAKTI providing 24-hour protection.

Financial service solutions in the early stages include the issuance of IKA USAKTI debit cards. In addition, there are bill payment and purchase features through the Trisakti Connect application that can be downloaded through Play Store and Apps Store by all members of IKA USAKTI. The future collaboration will not rule out the possibility of developing other financial solutions through the applications.

Currently there are more than 150,000 members of IKA USAKTI nationwide and overseas. In addition to providing financial service solutions, the Trisakti Connect Application can also provide information among the community, news and other payment features.

With the Trisakti Connect Application it is expected that the camaraderie among members of IKA USAKTI can flourish augmented by the provision of financial service solutions in the IKA USAKTI application supported by BNI.

Promotion of BNI

To attract and excite the interest of USAKTI alumni in exploring banking service products, BNI and its affiliates delivered attractive promotion programs during the event as well as a special-edition IKA USAKTI TapCash card. For BNI debit card users, there were free shopping vouchers or vouchers for meals worth Rp. 50,000 to Rp. 100,000 for certain minimum transactions.

USAKTI alumni who opened Taplus Savings, Alumni Cards, Young Taplus, Kid Taplus, or BNI Business Taplus accounts had the opportunity to get free top-ups of TapCash or to get BNI or Java Jazz Festival merchandise or special edition TapCash cards. Likewise BNI credit card holders had the opportunity to get shopping vouchers and purchases in installments. BNI TapCash Electronic Money Card holders had the opportunity to get free balances.

The promotion programs prepared by the BNI affiliates included BNI Life, namely free BNI Life insurance protection for every purchase of a special-edition Trisakti Connect TapCash card and free attractive merchandise for every BNI Life policy purchase. In this propitious event BNI Life also provided free health check-ups.

Meanwhile BNI Asset Management also offered Mutual Fund Participation Units and attractive gimmicks for the first 100 people to purchase BNI30 Mutual Funds and BNI-AM Money Market Mutual Funds. The BNI Multifinance promotion provided low-interest loans for the buyers of specific vehicle models.

Likewise, BNI Securities offered a whole month of free transactions for accounts opened during the event.

To boost the event BNI Syariah also provided a special promotion program for customers opening an iB Hasanah savings account.


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