Rizky Febian Invites Fans to Duet at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020

Rizky Febian Invites Fans to Duet at the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020

Jakarta, 28 February 2020 --- Rizky Febian claimed that one of his goals had been achieved after appearing in one of the BNI Java Jazz Festival 2020 hall stages. His performance on the first day of the music festival held by Java Festival Production was the second time for Rizky. Not only performing as one of the performers, Rizky was chosen as the BNI Java Jazz Star 2020. "The BNI JJF Star program is very exciting. Especially every year I follow. From starting to buy their own tickets until now, Alhamdulillah I can participate again. What makes me so happy is (last) year (I performed) outside, now suddenly in the hall. So, it is a proud. That's one of the goals too, "said Rizky.

Chosen as one of the BNI Java Jazz Festival Star this year, Rizky also gave a surprise to one of his fans who managed to win the BNI JJF Star challenge that was made for the first time. A 22-year-old young woman named Yulita was invited by Rizky to a duet on stage. Rizky said, his performance today was not only to entertain but also to give appreciation to the winner of the BNI JJF Star challenge program. "So, it's not just involving Iki, but people out there are also invited to be able to feel the BNI stage, and what kind of public enthusiasm. Proven by Yulita who can come, go on stage, and sing together," added Rizky.

Tells the story of BNI JJF Star, Rizky claimed he did not expect to get a very large response. This challenge program made by BNI and the Java Jazz Festival is the first time to open a competition that wants to realize the dream of many people meeting their idol artists. Besides Rizky, BNI JJF Star also challenged Cantika GAC and Ardito Pramono fans as well as foreign musician, Rini Dawg, to create creative material that showed fans' love for the idol. "Actually Iki thought that it would not be responded to so much. But apparently there was Yulita who was later chosen to be the best of the best," said Rizky.

After singing together last night, Yulita expressed her happy feelings that had a very valuable experience being able to sing with her idol musicians. "It's so nice to be here, on stage together with Aa Iki (Rizky's nickname) and feel the BNI stage. That I feel really happy," said Yulita. Yulita told that her participation in the BNI JJF Star challenge was never expected to give her an unforgettable experience. Idolizing Rizky for a long time has made Yulita enthusiastically to make a cover of the song Indah Pada Waktunya. "I cover the song Indah Pada Waktunya because I really like that song from the first. And Alhamdulillah I am chosen. This is a moment that makes (me) speechless. I got a TapCash prize from BNI, 3 days pass, and was invited to sing with Aa Iki, speechless!” said Yulita. 


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