BNI’s Existence Abroad, Early Year Holidays Not Preventing Financial Transactions

Jakarta, 1 January 2020 --- BNI's overseas branch network continues to provide limited financial services to overseas customers even though it has entered the Christmas holiday period on 25 December 2019 until the new year holiday on 1 January 2020.

The services during this holiday period are provided through a network of automated teller machines (ATMs) in Hong Kong (there are 6 ATM machines) and Singapore (with 2 ATM machines) as well as digital transactions using the mobile remittance application in Singapore and South Korea. The BNI overseas branch office (KCLN) in Tokyo, Japan and the BNI Remittance office in Hong Kong continue to operate on Christmas Day, 25 December 2019.

Not only that, during the holiday period, BNI also continues to serve remittances in Hong Kong, South Korea and Singapore, through the digital remittance application "BNI MoRe" in Singapore, BNI-GME Remittance and BNI-GMoney Trans in South Korea and BNI outlets Remittance Ltd in Hong Kong.

"This digital technology allows all services to be provided 24 hours a day," the Corporate Secretary of BNI, Meiliana said in Jakarta on Wednesday (1 January 2020).


Account Opening from New York

To answer the needs of Indonesian citizens in the United States and Canada, BNI KCLN New York, United States also serves to open a BNI Rupiah-denominated savings account (BNI Taplus) where account opening can be done online through the e-form application or through the KCLN Office New York. The opening of the Taplus account has received positive response from the people of Indonesia in various states in the United States and Canada.

To encourage this activity at the end of the year, BNI New York organized a Rejeki 46 Program and waived remittance transfer fees for remittance to the sender's BNI Taplus account.


BNI Apreciates Customers and Partners

At the end of 2019, KCLN BNI also gave appreciation to its customers and best partners. KCLN Hong Kong held the Top Customer 2019 Program and the Digital Top Agent 2019 Program, while KCLN Seoul in South Korea held 3 end-of-year programs namely the BNI Year End Festival 2019, the BNI-GME Festival 2019, and the BNI-GMoney Year End Festival 2019. Prize programs in the form of savings and goods are an appreciation for customers who increase the amount of funds in BNI Taplus savings and customers who are actively conducting remittance transactions at BNI.

Overseas Branch Offices in 2019 have recorded an increase in profit of approximately 70% YoY which is supported by, among others, the growth of Fee Based Income of 80% YoY. 


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