Being the Host’s Mainstay, Rory was undaunted

Being the Host’s Mainstay, Rory was undaunted

Jakarta, 11 December 2019 --- NORMAL if Rory Hie is very relied upon by the host to carve out the best achievement at BNI Indonesian Masters 2019. Then, how will the 31-year-old golfer respond? Indeed, expectation is not without reason. This year Rory scored a great achievement. He successfully won the Classic Golf and Country Club International Championship in September 2019 in India. Since then the game has been consistent. He was in the top 10 in the 4 tours he participated.

No less important, Rory became the first Indonesian golfer to win the title on the Asian Tour. At that time, he created a total of 267 strokes or 21 strokes below par. Rory also pocketed a prize of US $ 54,000. "I will try my best. Actually, since February 2019 I have often been plagued by injuries, but I still won. "Hopefully this time there will be no problems at the BNI Indonesian Masters," Rory said in a press conference at Royale Jakarta Golf Club on Wednesday (11/12).

Rory explained, the injuries that suffered include the ligament and tendon. However, he was thankful that he was still able to carry out his work well. Even if the condition is not 100 percent fit, Rory is sure it will not interfere with his appearance at BNI Indonesian Masters 2019. "Even if you want to be called the toughest opponent, in fact it is not a matter of other players' gait, but rather how to tame the field," said the owner of 179 cm posture.

Winning an Asian tour made Rory even more stable with his game. Anyhow, he did not want to be negligent, but continued to hone himself for the sake of consistency and the best results in the event with a total prize of US $ 750,000.

Another story with Poom Saksansin. The defending champion from Thailand also wants to be the best. But, his actions were not sweet throughout 2019 making Saksansin not too spite his target to maintain the title in the championship this time. "To be sure I will try to defend the title," said Saksansin who is now 26 years old.

The title race will also come from Jazz Janewattananond. The Thai golfer was also eyeing the title, after being in the 2018 BNI Indonesian Masters he was only a runner up. In addition, there is also John Catlin, the United States golfer who is now ranked 192 in the world (official world golf ranking).


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