Practical Account Opening More Preferred

Jakarta, 28 October 2019 --- To provide a different experience in the account opening process, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) presents an exciting way for digital savvy millennials and people.

The Consumer Business Director of BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo said, BNI already has a BNI Sonic machine and Digital Account Opening. BNI Sonic or Self-Service Opening Account is a machine that allows prospective customers or existing customers to open an account in just 3 minutes. Of course the process is much faster than opening an account in the usual way.

"The requirements are only to bring an e-KTP Card and NPWP for the KYC (Know Your Customer) BNI process. After filling in your personal data, scanning the e-KTP Card and NPWP, the ATM card will exit the BNI Sonic machine and can be directly used for transactions. BNI will install BNI Sonic machines in 125 strategic points throughout Indonesia until the end of 2019," Anggoro said.

BNI Sonic is often brought to events attended by many millennials. High customer interest also encouraged the number of new account numbers and the collection of Third-Party Funds (DPK). As of mid-October 2019, BNI Sonic has succeeded in opening 11,160 new accounts with deposits of Rp22.4 billion.

Anggoro added, there is also a Digital Account Opening that can be done anywhere and anytime. Prospective customers only need to have a smartphone and are served by a Banking Call Officer via video call.

"After successfully opening a BNI account through DoA, customers can immediately make online transactions in various e-commerce sites. To provide more benefits from DoA, BNI has formed a partnership with BukaLapak. Transaction in BukaLapak using BNI account opened through DoA will get 73% discount to Rp 100,000," Anggoro said.

BNI hopes that the interest in opening accounts in practical ways will continue to increase, so that financial literacy in the community is no longer limited to having a bank account. The public is expected to be increasingly accustomed to financial processes by utilizing technology and the internet more optimally for the sake of time efficiency. 


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

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