BNI Initiates the Creating 1,000 Agripreneurs Program in Rural Areas

Tuban, 15 October 2019 --- In order to increase the capacity and competence of farming communities, including fertilizer traders and other supporting ecosystems for agriculture, BNI implements the Creating 1,000 Agripreneurs Program, which began in Tuban, East Java, Tuesday (15 October 2019). This program aims to prepare for the creation of reliable agripreneur in rural areas. This is a concrete manifestation of BNI in supporting the national program by synergizing technology (agriculture) 4.0 and banking support in realizing the Nawacita Program.

In implementing this program, BNI provides access to financing through partnership pattern and assistance by synergizing with HARA (Start Up in the field of Agritech). This form of cooperation is carried out through the efforts to improve business and economy by digitizing kiosks and developing structured resources.

The implementation of the first program in Tuban was attended by the Expert Staff of Coordinating Ministry of Economy, Raden Edi Prio Pambudi, The Resources and Devices of Post and Informatics of Ministry and Communication and Information,  Denny Setiawan, the SEVP and Network of BNI, Ronny Venir, the Regent of Tuban, Fathul Huda, and the Head of Small Business Division 2 of BNI, Bambang Setyatmojo. This event also enlivened with the presence of around 300 Farmers (Farmer Joint Groups/Gapoktan), and Field Extention Officers.

In this activity, Raden Edi Prio Pambudi conveyed the importance of SOEs roles particularly banking in initiating and accelerating the growth of financial literacy and economy capability in rural areas especially in agriculture sector which is the dominant sector in rural areas. Therefore, it is expected able to improve the welfare of the community and rural economy in Indonesia.

Meanwhile, Ronny Venir said, the Creating 1,000 Agripreneurs Program is expected to create vocations in agriculture to support the implementation of agriculture 4.0 as well. The program is also expected to build financing blockchain between farmers who are already BNI customers with Farmers' Depot, so as to form the expected agricultural ecosystem. Farmers' cultivation needs such as buying fertilizer, medicine, and personal needs, can be provided by the Farmers' Depot.

As for Regi Wahyu said, the program is very open to agricultural entrepreneurs who want their businesses to grow. Those who have a business and want to develop and are active as BNI 46 Agents can immediately join a Farmer Depot. After entering a Farmer Depot, HARA will provide guidance. "Every MSME that joins this program will be given regular training and long-term assistance," he said.

Fathul Huda appreciates the selection of Tuban as the location of initial implementation of the Creating 1,000 Agripreneurs Program. The Regent is also proud Bupati juga bangga for the enthusiasm and support of BNI for the Farmer Community and villages in Tuban. "We support and hope that this program can be expanded, so that it can impact 20 villages and 200,000 farmers in Tuban Regency," he hoped.

The selection of Tuban as the location of program implementation in line with the appointment of BNI as a Kartu Tani Distribution Agent in East Java Province. Tuban was also chosen because it has a large rural economic potential in the agricultural sector. Furthermore, this program will be continued to several other regencies in East Java as BNI's commitment in supporting the improvement of the rural economy and the welfare of Farmer Community

In addition to capacity building training for the management of agricultural retail businesses using technology, farmers also receive training related to simple bookkeeping by IAI (Indonesian Institute of Accountants).


Initial Step

Bambang Setyatmojo conveyed, This event is the first step to create 1,000 successful Agripreneurs who can be the drivers of the Indonesian agriculture sector. The success of agricultural development is determined by the quality of agricultural human resources. Human resource development in agriculture can create strong agripreneurship.

The three main pillars of training that will be provided to Farmers Depot are, First, Entrepreneurship to develop business management. Second, technical skills to build agricultural-based business opportunities. Third, Character to form a business person who can communicate well and protect his customers. These three training pillars are emphasized to encourage the growth of initiative, innovation, creativity and cooperation in solving problems faced both technical, social, and economic.

Previously, BNI has established cooperation with HARA as partner in the digitization of the People

Business Credit (KUR) program to ease farmers in obtaining support and loans from banks. This cooperation is also to support the course of the Kartu Tani program.

The distribution of KUR BNI during 2019 has reached Rp. 14.42 trillion or 90.13% of the KUR limit allocation of Rp. 16 trillion. Specifically, for financing in East Java Region, BNI has distributed KUR of Rp 3.2 trillion. Through a synergy strategy with HARA and the local government, BNI is confident it will continue to be able to increase financing to MSME entrepreneurs, especially in East Java Region.


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