SMN 2019, BNI Invites Students Visiting RKB and Cultural Tourism, BNI Provides 150 Units MCK in East Kalimantan

Balikpapan, 16 August 2019 --- Entering the first day of the hold of the Siswa Mengenal Nusantara Program, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) invites students from West Java to visit Rumah Kreatif SOE (RKB) available in Samarinda, East Kalimantan, on Thursday, 15 August 2019.

That was conveyed by the Corporate Secretary of BNI, Meiliana.

Meiliana said, as a SOE, BNI participates in being given mandate to foster RKB which is a joint house to gather, learn and foster Micro Small and Medium enterprise operators (UMKM) in order to become more quality and has competitiveness power. Therefore, until today, BNI had has 45 RKB spread out throughout Indonesia.

"In addition, the RKB aims to enable MSME business operators to penetrate the e-commerce market. Routinely, RKB provides e-commerce training, photography product, and product packaging. The products will be marketed through the market place owned by BUMN Telkom, namely "If it meets the requirements, BNI can distribute the People's Business Credit (KUR) to MSMEs with an interest of only 7% per year," said Meiliana.

The existence of RKB is increasingly accepted by public. One reason is because the number of MSMEs active in BNI-fostered RKBs is increasing. At present there are 158,783 MSMEs registered on, of which 2,820 MSMEs have gone Digital (fluent in digital technology). Of the successful Go Digital SMEs, 2,164 MSMEs have successfully peddled their products on the page with a total of 1,907 transactions. The majority of the most popular products are packaged foods.

BNI also routinely includes BNI-fostered RKB MSMEs in well-known exhibition events such as INACRAFT, National Batik Degree, Halal Park, etc.

One of the SMN 2019 participants, Muhammad Ridwan said that the program very exciting and add new insights for him. He hopes that BNI will continue to actively support the SMN program forward.

Other participant, Putri Maudy Kusnaidi admitted that she is proud and motivated to preserve the culture as being included in the SMN 2019. In line with Ridwan, she thanked BNI and hoped that BNI would consistently support SMN and the education world.

CSR Provision

In the SMN Program, BNI also educates students on the importance of sharing with others. On the second day, Friday, 16 August 2019, BNI invited the students to visit SMAN 1 Balikpapan, East Kalimantan.

As a form of social care, BNI provides Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assistance for SMAN 1 Balikpapan in the form of Bath Wash Toilet (MCK) Facilities. In the framework of Indonesian 74th Anniversary, BNI provided a total of 150 units of MCK facilities throughout East Kalimantan Province. BNI hopes the MCK can improve the comfort and hygiene of the local community.

Pampang Tourism Village

Meiliana added that the students also had the opportunity to enjoy cultural tourism by visiting Pampang Village. Pampang Cultural Village is one of the cultural tourism destinations in Samarinda, East Kalimantan.

"Pampang Cultural Village presents the cultural wisdom of Dayak Kenyah and Apokayan tribes as a Dayak sub-tribe, ranging from typical ornaments to clothing, lamin houses, dances, to handicrafts. BNI hopes that students from West Java can also understand the culture of Kalimantan island by joining this program," concluded Meiliana.


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