BNI Invites Youth to Invest with SiMUDA

Jakarta, 30 July 2019 --- Being a happy youth, it's only natural. However, to have a happy youth, then a relaxed and prosperous old age, well this needs to be fought for and planned earlier. For this reason, BNI actively participated in the SiMUDA (Youth and Student Deposits) program for RumahKu and SiMUDA InvestasiKu, which was initiated by the Financial Services Authority (OJK). The main goal is to spread the spirit of saving money and think intelligently to young people that their future and old age can be planned from the start.

To attract young people to save, BNI launches BNI SiMuda Rumahku, a saving plan that is designed to prepare for future finance, and at the same time get life insurance protection. The monthly deposit is also adjusted to young people’s pockets, starting from IDR 50,000. And in order not to be complicated, the balance of BNI SiMuda Rumahku will be filled automatically, because BNI will withdraw directly from a savings account (Taplus Muda or Taplus). BNI SiMuda Rumahku is prepared for a period of 1 to 18 years, and can be used for house down payment, vacation, worship, school, and even wedding reception costs.

After having SIMUDA RumahKu, millennials can also start investing through SiMUDA InvestasiKu which has full support of BNI Asset Management (BNI AM). This investment product has investment features for BNI AM 30 (BNI 30) mutual funds with stock index mutual funds. BNI 30 is easily monitored and transparent.

"Millennials will also be assisted by Capital Market experts from BNI AM. The initial purchase is very cheap at only Rp 100,000 and the management process is safe because it is under the supervision of the FSA," Anggoro said.

These two excellent BNI products were also offered to the public at the AKSiMUDA 2019 event which was held in Jakarta, Tuesday (30 July 2019) and was initiated by the OJK. Present on the occasion were the Chairman of Board of Commissioners of the Financial Services Authority, Wimboh Santoso, the Indonesian Minister of Research and Higher Education, Mohamad Nasir, the Coordinating Minister for Economic, Affairs Darmin Nasution, the Indonesian Minister of Youth and Sports, Imam Nahrawi, and the Finance Director of BNI, Anggoro Eko Cahyo.

"SiMUDA Products or Simpanan Pemuda dan Mahasiswa RumahKu and SiMUDA InvestasiKu are prepared as a means for millennials to start investing from a young age without burdening their finances," Anggoro said.

The interest of young people to have BNI products that are friendly to their pockets has begun to grow. Proven since it was launched at the end of 2018, BNI SiMUDA RumahKu and SiMUDA InvestasiKu have been owned by around 1,500 young people.

Anggoro added, by having SiMUDA RumahKu product, millennials also get added value, namely insurance protection from BNI Life SIMUDA Saving Protection without premiums. Through these benefits, millennials will receive compensation for death or disability caused by an accident or not an accident. The maximum coverage for each insured is Rp. 6 Billion.

On this occasion, BNI also invites college students and young people to have new experience namely by opening Taplus Muda digital account through BNI Mobile Banking with Students’ android gadget, this activity also aims to encourage students and youth as a symbol of enthusiasm and commitment to implement a culture of saving among college students and students.

BY opening account through BNI Mobile Banking, a customer will directly obtain BNI Debit Card Virtual and BNI Mobile Banking activation. Both of them can be directly used for transaction including online shopping anywhere and anytime. 


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