Towards D-3 Implementation of BNIUIHM2019, 4,800 Participants are Covered by Special Insurance

Towards D-3 Implementation of BNIUIHM2019, 4,800 Participants are Covered by Special Insurance

Jakarta, 3 July 2019 --- Towards the implementation of the BNI UI Half Marathon 2019 or BNIUIHM2019 which is just counting the days, the University of Indonesia Alumni Association (ILUNI UI) held a Press Conference as well as the implementation of the Race Pack Collection (RPC) on Wednesday, 3 July 2019, taking place at Atrium Mall FX Sudirman 3rd floor, Jakarta . On this occasion also attended the Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati and the BNI Life Director, Shadiq Akasya who acted as a guest speaker along with the Chairperson of ILUNI UI, Chairperson of BNI UI Half Marathon 2019, and leaders of University of Indonesia.

This activity was held at 10.30 WIB with a presentation from speakers about the UI Half Marathon 2019Running Competition which will be held on Sunday, 7 July, 2019.

On this occasion, the Chairperson of UI ILUNI, Arief Budhy Hardono revealed that BNIUIHM2019 will be the closing activity of its management in Rumah Kita Community 2016-2019. He hoped that in the following years, BNIUIHM could be carried out sustainably until it could become one of the national agendas, so it was worthy of being side by side with other running events. Or, become one of the biggest and missed running competitions in West Java.

Erwin Nurdin, the Director of Career and Alumni Relations Development at University of Indonesia, hopes that with fresh air and a green atmosphere, and with sterilization carried out before the event, participants will get maximum oxygen content. Supported by UI's position as the greenest campus of the UI Green Metric version, this event is expected to be proof that UI has an adequate running track with the best oxygen content in Jabodetabek even in West Java.

While the Chief Executive of BNIUIHM2019, Wisaksono Soegandhi said, this year was not just a branding that was strengthened by UI through the running competition, where UI was the greenest and most sterile race area in town. However, UI wants to prove its consistency in presenting the best running competition in the last three years.

“Technically, we close the area from motor vehicles and activities since 4 a.m., even at 3 a.m. we have carried out area sweeping and reducing activities. Whoever the position is, we make sure that we will not bring motorized vehicles, so we work closely with internal engineering faculty and Blue Bird to provide environmentally friendly transportation. In addition, in 2019 we provide extra protection to the participants in addition to insurance by working with two large hospitals in Depok, the UI Hospital and Mitra Keluarga Hospital," he said.

BNI the main sponsor

This year is the third year BNI became the main sponsor of BNIUIHM2019. The Institutional Relations Director of BNI, Adi Sulistyowati who is familiarly called Susi said, "BNI's support for this event is a form of corporate alignments towards the world of education, including the development of education in UI. At the same time, BNI also provides maximum support for the development of running sports that are popular with the community and become a millennial trend. BNI made this event as one of the steps in the series of the 73rd BNI Anniversary and increased literacy and inclusion of financial institutions in the forefront of education providers in Indonesia," she said.

The cooperation with BNI will provide many benefits for the UI Alumni. One of them is, UI Alumni will find it easier to have a BNI Account, including a Digital Account at UI Connect, equipped with a BNI Iluni UI Debit Combo Card. So that it is expected to increase the number of members on the UI Iluni Debit Card which currently only amounts to 6,973 cards with a balance of Rp 114.7 billion and a sales volume of Rp 4.8 billion.

The Yellow Iluni UI Program again present with various prizes. BNI invites Iluni UI members who already have a BNI Iluni UI Combo Debit Card to actively use a variety of features, namely increasing savings balances, transacting through e-Banking, and debit card transactions.

This program taken place starting 1 July 2019 and ends until 31 June 2020, where every month there will be 38 Iluni UI Debit Combo Card holders getting cashback of up to Rp 1 million and an opportunity to win a special edition Vespa LX motorcycle prize (Yellow UI) or other prizes.

This BNI-UIHM activity, also as BNI’s effort in supporting  Iluni as a means of raising the UI's endowment fund which will be partly budgeted for the purchase of BNI AM Makara Investment Mutual Fund products to support education at UI.

This event also marked the beginning of ILUNI's collaboration with BNI Life through the signing of the Insurance Program Management Cooperation Agreement, with premium starting from Rp. 15,000 (fifteen thousand rupiahs) to enjoy insurance benefit of Rp. 3,000,000 (three million rupiah) for which premium payment can be made directly or through the UI Connect application.

Meanwhile, the President Director of BNI Life, Shadiq Akasya said, BNI Life was pleased with the existence of this BNIUIHM2019. In the third year of its implementation, BNI Life can again provide the best service to corporate customers. This year, BNI Life is also proud to offer insurance for 4,800 runners.

"Insurance protection for marathon runners is in the form of life insurance and reimbursement of medical care costs. The sum insured given to each participant is a maximum of Rp. 10 million. We hope that with insurance, runner friends will feel protected and comfortable until the finish line and, in the future can be provided with life insurance and inpatient insurance according to the runners’ needs," he said.

At the event BNILife also opened a booth to introduce the complete BNI Life product that was made to complete the life stages of participants who attended the event in accordance with the tagline #EazyLifeBNILife, BNILife is always present to provide reliable future planning and protection with all its conveniences.

The event was closed by handing over a jersey from ILUNI UI to BNI, and a TapCash mockup from BNI at ILUNI UI. Then closed with the signing of the Cooperation Agreement for the Implementation of the Insurance Program between ILUNI UI and BNILife. "It is hoped that this signing can make BNI Life a partner in providing health protection and a partner in the initial insurance financial planning for ILUNI UI with the best insurance products owned by BNI Life as our best form of service to ILUNI UI," explained Shadiq.

The giving of racepack to participants is carried out on 3 and 4 July 2019 from 11.00 to 20.30 WIB. More information can be checked on social media instagram ui.halfmarathon.

So, have you taken the racepack?


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