BNI Develops Digital Platform for Farmers

Bojonegoro, 28 May 2019 --- Obtaining finance for Cultivation and processing of agricultural products is now getting easier for farmers. Since BNI launched digital-based Hara application, now obtaining loan for farming is as easy as moving your fingers on a cell phone.

The launching of Hara Application become the important part of Rumah Tani Indonesia which initiation was held at the Guyub Rukun Sejahterakan Petani event in Bangkalan Village, Bojonegoro Regency, East Java on Tuesday, 28 May 2019. On the same occarion, a Cooperation Agreement was also signed between PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) and PT Agri Tekno Karya as the application provider.

Present in that occasion were the MSMEs and Network Director of  BNI, Catur Budi Harto, the General Manajer of Small Business 2 Division of BNI, Bambang Setyatmojo, the CEO of BNI Surabaya Area, Muhammad Jufri, the CEO of PT Agri Tekno Karya, Regi Wahyu, the Agricultural Agency Head of Bojonegoro, Helmi Elisabeth, and more than 200 farmers and  30 agricultural cadres around Bangkalan Village.

Through Hara Application and Rumah Tani Indonesia, BNI’s commitment in welfaring the farmers is increasingly evident. Farmers are increasingly able to get access to finance, assistance, and supervision of agricultural cultivation. Likewise, the Indonesian Farmers Shop can carry out its functions as Agent46 and agricultural tools provider, off taker, and harvesting processor.

Catur Budi Harto conveyed, the initiation of Rumah Tani Indonesia is the form of BNI’s contribution to welfaring farmers. The welfare is expected to be realized among others with provision of easy and cheap capitalization access in agricultural sector through digital platform. This initiation is expected to become one supporter of government’s programs in the effort to increase farmers’ productivity, income distribution, and poverty alleviation.

"BNI will continue to succeed the development of the Indonesian economy and distribute financing for all farmers to create a prosperous Indonesian society," he said.

Bambang added, with the application of land data and cultivation plans, the facilitation and monitoring of agricultural cultivation will be easier so that the accuracy of credit use is increasingly controlled.

On that occasion also held fast breaking together with farmers, and provision of CSR assistance from BNI in the form of groceries to Farmers. In addition, assistance was also given to repair the mosque in Bakalan Village, Bojonegoro.

BNI also distributes the People’s Business Credit (KUR) to farmers. The KUR adds to the BNI KUR portfolio distribution in 2019, which until 30 April 2019, KUR distributed by BNI reached Rp 6.46 trillion, touching 73,547 KUR recipients throughout Indonesia. 


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