Stemming the spread of Covid-19, BNI Holds 30,000 Free Swab Tests

Stemming the spread of Covid-19, BNI Holds 30,000 Free Swab Tests

Jakarta, 20 May 2020 --- Like a battle, the power to suppress the opponent's movement is by detecting the presence of the enemy. That is the importance of tests detecting the presence of Corona Virus Disease (Covid-19), especially using the Swab Test.  For this reason, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) in collaboration with the Bunda Hospital network and JSK Group held a free Covid-19 swab test for 30,000 participants, under the umbrella of BNI Sharing Swab Test Program. This step is part of the program to realize SOEs that are free from Corona Virus, #CovidsafeBUMN.

This program was began with tests conducted on 800 participants at Gelora Bung Karno Parking Area, Jakarta, Wednesday (20 May 2020). The 800 test takers are part of the 5,500 Swab tests that will be held in Jakarta. The rest, swab tests will be carried out in various cities in South Sumatra, West Sumatra, Bali, Central Java and East Java. This swab test is very important, considering that the increase in positive cases of Covid - 19 is still occurring in Indonesia.  

 This is our step to help accelerate the detection of patients exposed to the Covid-19 virus. With the support of Bunda Hospital and JSK Group, we provide this free swab test for the community, especially productive SMEs, in several cities throughout Indonesia," said BNI's Managing Director, Herry Sidharta when opening the BNI 30,000 Swab Test Sharing Program at Gelora Bung Karno, Jakarta, Wednesday (20 May 2020).

On that occasion the Indonesian Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir and Deputy Governor of DKI Jakarta, Ahmad Riza Patria were present.

The President Commissioner of PT Bundamedik, dr. Ivan Rizal Sini SpOG said, RSU Bunda Jakarta and Diagnos Laboratory under the auspices of the BMHS Group has conducted RT-PCR examinations since the beginning of the pandemic and was appointed by the Ministry of Health as a network of private laboratories for COVID-19. With infrastructure, laboratory technology and professional staff, Bunda Hospital is able to carry out more than 500 to 750 tests a day.

“We have done the reporting system, Epidemiology monitoring and case follow up from the beginning with DKI Jakarta Provincial Health Office, because this is a very important part in increasing the speed of handling Corona positive cases. With this experience, BNI has partnered with BMHS and the Bunda Hospital network to distribute swab sampling in several regions in Indonesia, which is expected to accelerate the distribution chain breakdown but also accelerate productivity recovery," he said.

Meanwhile, the CEO of JSK Group, Dennis Jang Sang Kyu said, he was very grateful because JSK had been included in the BNI Humanity Sharing 30,000 Swab Test program. JSK is very much called to any activity to combat COVID-19 experienced by the people of Indonesia.

"The swab test method with tents and booths with negative/positive pressure machines is similar to that adopted by the South Korean government. And the results can answer the concerns of many people who are worried about coming to the hospital to do a swab test," he said.


Series of Concerns

BNI's concern in supporting Covid-19 prevention has been carried out since a few months ago. In early March 2020, BNI together with several other SOEs sent around 160,000 masks to Hong Kong and several cities abroad that had overseas branch offices. All of them are used by Indonesian Migrant Workers (PMI) in countries that were first exposed to Covid-19.

BNI is also among the earliest to utilize drone technology to spray disinfectants at 50 points in Greater Jakarta. BNI mobilized around 30 fostered partners in various regions to produce protective equipment for medical personnel, both hazmat clothes and masks.

"Not long ago, BNI distributed 50 thousand self-protection equipment to medical teams in 182 referral hospitals throughout Indonesia equipped with hand sanitizers, donations for medical officers, as well as donations from school children. It all reached Rp 11.3 billion," Herry said.

BNI also distributed medical equipment to hospitals, such as ambulances, swab PCR diagnostic machines, ventilators and rapid test equipment, totaling Rp 42.9 billion. Not to mention basic food assistance for poor people, orphans, foundations and orphanages, certain community groups.


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