Hong Kong Diaspora Interested In Diaspora Bond

Hong Kong Diaspora Interested In Diaspora Bond

Jakarta, 4 July 2020 --- Taking place at Gallery BNI Hong Kong Admiralty, dozens of Indonesian citizens and Diaspora in Hong Kong attended the Socialization of Indonesian Overseas Community Cards (KMILN) and Diaspora Bonds in the middle of this week. Participants came from various backgrounds, ranging from business associations to professionals in various companies in Hong Kong.

The event, organized by the Indonesian Consulate General in Hong Kong, in collaboration with Himbara Bank in Hong Kong, was opened by the Indonesian Consul General, Ricky Suhendar and the General Manager of BNI Hong Kong, Wan Andi Aryadi. Participants who attended seemed very enthusiastic about Diaspora Bonds.

"I am interested in this diaspora bonds," said Alex Chiu, one of the participants attended the event. "The return is very interesting and I also want to be able to help assist development in Indonesia," he added.

Alex Chiu, who is fluent in speaking Indonesian, was born in Hong Kong, but his mother is an Indonesian citizen who has lived in Hong Kong since 1973.

"We hope that Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong can contribute to buy the Diaspora Bonds when it is launched later. The participation of Indonesian citizens and foreigners of Indonesian diaspora abroad is very strategic in Indonesia's fiscal policy," said the Consul General, Ricky Suhendar.

Explaining in more detail about Diaspora Bonds, the Customs and Excise/Finance Consul, Buhari Sirait said that Indonesia's economic growth slowed during the Covid-19 pandemic. This has an impact on the decline in revenue on one hand while spending has increased sharply. Outlook deficit of the state budget of 6.34% of GDP needs to get a new source of financing.

Therefore, the plan to issue Diaspora Bonds is expected to be one of the sources to strengthen the country's economy. The contribution of Indonesian people abroad in buying Diaspora Bonds is a form of nationalism while investing.

Indonesian citizens in Hong Kong need to have KMILN which is one of the conditions for purchasing Diaspora Bonds. Chandra Djaya, the Communication Consul, explained that the number of KMILNs was still very small. With this socialization, it is expected that the number of KMILN applicants will increase in the future. Because, the more Diaspora that have KMILN, the greater the potential for the success of the issuance of Diaspora Bonds.

To support this effort, the General Manager of BNI Hong Kong, Wan Andi Aryadi confirmed the readiness of SOE bank in Hong Kong to to facilitate the sale of the Diaspora Bonds later. With a significant number of Indonesians, Hong Kong has great potential for marketing the Bonds. BNI Hong Kong in particular will provide service counters for diaspora in Hong Kong who are interested in this Diaspora Bond.



About BNI Hong Kong branch at a glance:

BNI Hong Kong branch is one of the branches of PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero), Tbk, which operates with a full license at the heart of the financial and commercial center, Admiralty, Hong Kong Island, since April 1963.

As the only fully licensed Indonesian bank in Hong Kong, BNI offers comprehensive banking products tailored specifically to customer needs including trade finance, corporate financing, savings accounts and money transfers.

BNI in Hong Kong provides e-channel service namely the Automatic Teller Machine (ATM) network that operates 24 hours a day in two locations, Admiralty and Causeway Bay and BNI Mobile Banking as the fastest solution for sending money at the best price.

Remittance services are also provided by BNI Remittance Ltd, located in four strategic locations in Hong Kong, Causeway Bay, Yuen Long, Tsuen Wan and Hung Hom with operations seven days a week.

One of BNI Hong Kong's steps in efforts to support the Indonesian government to continue to explore every opportunity for international trade business between Indonesia and the world, in 2011 BNI Hong Kong established BNI Smart Gallery, a meeting room, business center and a 5,200 square foot private lounge dedicated to promote Indonesian products.


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