Celebrating Anniversary amid Pandemic, BNI Unites Optimistic Energy for Indonesia

Jakarta, 5 July 2020 --- The 74th birthday, which falls today, 5 July 2020, became a special moment for PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI because the happy day was celebrated when Indonesia is surrounded by Covid-19 plague. Gratitude for all employees and the Board of Directors of BNI is realized by bringing together the Optimistic Spirit and Energy for Indonesia, which is in need of support from all parties. Therefore, this birthday celebration will be used as a significant step to provide new energy in a new normal era.

The President Director of BNI, Herry Sidharta said, the spirit of commemoration of BNI’s 74th anniversary is combined through the theme "Uniting Energy for Indonesia in the New Normal Era". The theme implies that all BNI Hi-Movers need to work more optimally and efficiently so as to provide good energy in order to sustain the achievement of BNI's business performance. More broadly, on a national scale, the positive energy of BNI Hi-Movers is expected to be integrated with the good energy of all elements of other nations for a better Indonesia in a new normal era.

"Changes in behavior to carry out normal activities are urgently needed to remain productive, healthy, and safe, by implementing health protocols, to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus Disease 2019 (Covid-19) pandemic and to keep the company's business wheels going," Herry said.

The readiness was also confirmed by the Minister of State-Owned Enterprises (MSMEs), Erick Thohir with the spirit of #CovidSafeBUMN, which became a reference for every SOE employee to remain productive but still safe from Covid-19 outbreak. As an  agent of development, SOEs are also expected to become influencer and role model, Moreover, SOEs are the locomotive for one third of the Indonesian economy.

Herry conveyed, business processes are dealing directly with the situation and conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. The development of Covid-19 pandemic also has a direct impact on the performance and capacity of debtors, including micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) debtors, thus it is potentially disrupting banking performance and financial system stability, which affects national economic growth. Accordingly, the attitude of sense of crisis should begin to be embedded in the minds of business people, including BNI, along with the commencement of optimal work activities in this new normal era.

“It is the time to change It is time to change the patterns and ways of working that are more than usual (extraordinary), more actively, harder, and smarter than the previous days, in order to accelerate the achievement of business targets and maintain it so that BNI's performance increases again," said Herry .


Various Phases

In celebrating this anniversary, BNI runs a series of events, including activities that contain human benefit programs. BNI strives to keep people around it healthy, protected from the spread of Covid-19, and live well.

Then BNI prepares a series of programs that help people to move up the class economically and improve their skills. In this section, various special programs for SMEs are prepared by BNI, which starts from the webinar series. In this phase BNI also tries to raise the richness of the endangered archipelago, represented by 7 rare fabrics of the country, in Wastra 7 Nusantara Island Exhibition-4 Designers, as well as the culinary wealth of the country by collecting 7 hot drinks (wedang) and 40 of the best archipelago food. This is all a form of BNI's full support for the government's call for the Bangga Buatan Indonesia national movement.

BNI also seeks to unite all intentions and businesses that have been spread in the community into the same spirit, namely through virtual concerts that are amplified through social media. This effort to unite the spirit and energy is enriched with a variety of special promos that only exist during the celebration of the 74th anniversary of BNI, as well as subsidiary companies.


Caring by Sharing

The activity of BNI Berbagi becomes a series of BNI's awareness programs for the surrounding environment, so that it not only pursues the company's financial performance, but also helps people in need, especially when Covid-19 spreads out.

For MSME entrepreneurs whose business is hampered, BNI runs a government program by providing relaxation and stimulus in the form of interest subsidies, extension of credit terms, up to delays in installments to debtors whose businesses are affected by Covid-19. To protect medical personnel who standby To protect medical personnel who are standby at the forefront of Covid-19 handling and other community groups at high risk of contracting, BNI is at the forefront of running a Free and Bulk Swab Test Sharing Program. Not less than 30 thousand PCR swab test equipment were prepared by BNI to be distributed to many cities in the high-spread Covid-19 area in Indonesia.

BNI's concern in supporting Covid-19 prevention has been carried out since early March 2020. At that time, BNI together with several other SOEs sent around 160 thousand masks to Hong Kong and several cities abroad that have branch offices. All of them are aimed at Indonesian migrant workers in countries that were first exposed to Covid-19.

BNI was also among the earliest to utilize drone technology to spray disinfectants at 50 points in Greater Jakarta. BNI also mobilized around 30 fostered partners in various regions to produce protective equipment for medical personnel, both hazmat and mask. Not long ago, BNI distributed 50 thousand personal protective equipment to medical teams in 182 referral hospitals throughout Indonesia, which were equipped with hand sanitizers, donations for medical personnel, as well as donations for students.


Rescuing Rare Wastra (Indonesian Traditional Cloth)

Specifically to save increasingly rare cultural assets, BNI made use of the celebration of the anniversary this time by lifting seven traditional fabrics (wastra) from the archipelago. The seven fabrics that are rich in cultural value are Tidore weaving, which is now developed and tried to be saved by BNI's fostered Rumah Kreatif BUMN (RKB) in Ternate; Pontianak weaving (Pontianak RKB); Manggarai weaving (Rangg Manggarai); Sengkang weaving from South Sulawesi (Kampung BNI); Lombok weaving, developed by KUR BNI debtors in Mataram; Tanah Liek batik (Padang RKB); and Wonogiren batik (Wonogiri RKB).

BNI also invited four well-known Indonesian designers to design high-value fashion works with the basic material of these rare fabrics. Those four designers are Didi Budihardjo, Denny Wirawan, Jenahara Nasution, and Oscar Lawalata.

Didi Budihardjo is one of Indonesia's designers who has experience in making traditional fabrics into fashion works with models that have their own characteristics. Didi became the designer who started the live streaming fashion show in 2012. Denny Wirawan, who has a mission of batik to the world, explores ancient batik motifs from Kudus into the contemporary ready to wear batik.

Jenahara Nasution, a beautiful designer from Indonesia, made a hijab fashion trend in Indonesia. Her work through the Jenahara brand is mostly used by millennial women. As for Oscar Lawalata, he fell in love with Nusantara cloth because each cloth has a variety of stories and the struggle of the weavers behind it.


Spreading Energy Webinar

Pandemic does not prevent BNI from increasing capabilities by sharing knowledge and experience. In celebrating the 74th anniversary, BNI held a Special Stream program titled "Share the Energy to Unite in Welcoming New Normal". The event has five segments, namely Energy for Indonesian Economy Creative, Energy for Womenpreneur, Energy for Success, Energy for Staying Creative, and Energy for Rising Up, broadcast by YouTube BNI Corporate University.

In the Energy for Womenpreneur webinar session, present as speakers were the Minister of Cooperatives and MSMEs, Teten Masduki, the Director of MSMEs Business Director of BNI, Tambok P. Setyawati, as well as the artist who have evolved into entrepreneur, Maia Estianty. Various valuable tips and experiences were shared in this session, especially for extraordinary women in Indonesia, in order to survive in the new normal era.

In the Energy for Success session, BNI invited the lawyer Hotman Paris Hutapea, who is a customer of BNI Emerald. Guided by CNBC Indonesia's Editor in Chief, Wahyu Daniel, Hotman Paris shared his success story and the benefits of being a customer of BNI Emerald. To bring more diverse color, the Weird Genius composer, Eka Gustiwana filled the Energy for Staying Creative segment. Eka Gustiwana shared tips and tricks for staying creative and productive in a new normal era.

Public also received a lot of input in the Energy for Rising Up session. In this session, the Minister of Communication and Informatics, Johnny G. Plate and the Consumer Business Director of BNI, Corina Leyla Karnalies discussed the policies taken by the government in helping MSMEs rise along with the start of a new normal era, which is complemented by digital banking innovations at BNI.

In the Energy for Indonesian Economy Creative segment, public were invited to relax with the Minister of Industry, Agus Gumiwang and the Director of Institutional Relation of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto. Update on the latest condition of the country's industry and banking support for MSMEs were elaborated in this virtual seminar. 


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