BNI’s Anniversary, BNI Employees and Trade Unions Distribute 146,000 Food Packages

Jakarta, 5 July 2020 --- As part of a concrete action to help communities affected by the Covid-19 outbreak, BNI employees distributed food aid to 146,000 residents in 17 BNI operational areas in Indonesia. This distribution is a series of BNI’s 74th Anniversary (HUT).

The distribution of basic food aid began to be carried out simultaneously by the BNI Workers Union (SP) throughout Indonesia on Sunday (5 July 2020). For Greater Jakarta, the distribution was started by the Chairman of the Workers Union (SP) of BNI, Irfan Ferdiansyah from Katulampa, Bogor, West Java.

According to Irfan, the funding source for the food aid is the donations of BNI employees, which is often called BNI Hi-Movers. The donation funds came from the Religious Day Allowance (THR) of BNI Hi-Movers which was set aside to assist the efforts of various parties in suppressing the circulation of Covid-19.

BNI’s Workers Union set the distribution of donations to two groups of Assistance, namely First, for health and Second, for food aid.

"We distribute health aid to hospitals, clinics, Palang Merah Indonesia (PMI), and other facilities. The assistance are in the form of provision of Covid-19 handling medical devices, personal protective equipment or PPE and other medical devices, while for food aid, we provide food packages containing Rice, Oil, Sugar, and health support such as Vitamins and Masks as supplements to people in need," said Irfan.

The Central Management Board of Workers Union (DPP SP) of BNI cooperates with the entire Regional Management Board of Workers Union (DPD SP) of BNI in distributing the assistance. The delivery of assistance in each region will be carried out by the local Workers Union (SP) management. 

BNI’s Workers Union is a strategic partner of the company in developing its business. We also took an active role in helping the handling of the Covid-19 pandemic which is currently being hit in Indonesia through the distribution of aid.


For more information, please contact:

Corporate Secretary BNI

Phone: 021-5728387



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