National Economic Recovery, BNI Ready to Provide Credit to MSMEs

Jakarta, 7 July 2020 --- The National Economic Recovery Program is a series of programs to reduce the impact of Covid-19 on the economy. The program includes Placement of State Money at Commercial Banks (regulated in PMK 70/2020), Interest Subsidy Program for Debtors affected by the spread of Covid-19 (regulated at PMK 65/2020), and Credit Guarantee Program for Debtors affected by the spread of Covid-19 ( regulated on PMK 71/2020).

In the first program, BNI will continue to extend credit to the real sector amid Covid-19 pandemic. Armed with Government placement funds received by BNI in the amount of IDR 5 Trillion, BNI is committed to being able to leverage these funds 3 times and channeling them in the form of loans in the amount of IDR 15 Trillion.

Considering that MSMEs are most affected by the spread of covid-19, BNI will extend credit to MSMEs. Lending to MSMEs is prioritized to labor-intensive sectors, so that it can provide a multiplier effect on the national economy.

To be able to encourage the real sector, BNI MSME loans will primarily be channeled in the form of People's Business Credit (KUR) so that it can reach the wider community. Productive sectors such as agriculture, industry, services, and trade are BNI's priority sectors.

Agriculture Sector is seen as a sector that is resistant to the spread of Covid-19. This prompted BNI to work on this sector seriously, primarily through clustering financing, working on the value chain from upstream to downstream, as well as developing smartfarming technology by cooperating with start-ups in the field. BNI's seriousness in working on the agricultural sector is evident from the growth of small loans in this sector which reached 33.1% yoy.

The President Director, Herry Sidharta ensures, BNI will provide additional working capital credit to BNI’s fostered which received a loan restructuring due to the spread of Covid-19 and was considered to have good prospects. These efforts are expected to encourage economic movements starting from MSMEs fostered by BNI.

In the second program, BNI seeks to accelerate restructuring efforts on debtors affected by the spread of Covid-19, where as of 25 June 2020, BNI has restructured 183,359 MSME debtors with portfolios valued at Rp24.3 trillion.

In line with PMK 65/2020, BNI debtors affected by Covid-19 also received interest subsidies from the Government, with the potential for Non-KUR debtors who would receive an estimated interest subsidy of 25,177 debtors with an interest subsidy value of Rp314 Billion. BNI not only has the trust of the Government as a distributor of interest subsidies, but also as a Partner Bank, namely a bank for subsidizing pooling accounts for MSMEs from Banks outside of Himbara and other Financial Institutions through the Virtual Account facility. BNI was chosen as a Partner Bank in channeling interest subsidies considered superior in the Virtual Account (VA) service, thereby accelerating the process of giving interest subsidies to MSME debtors.

In the last program, to accelerate the recovery of the national economy, BNI participated in the Guarantee Program for Working Capital Loans for MSMEs, especially for debtors affected by Covid-19. On 07 July 2020, BNI has signed a Cooperation Agreement (PKS) with ASKRINDO and JAMKRINDO simultaneously at  Jamkrindo Bulding, Jakarta, which was also attended by the Coordinating Minister for Economy, Airlangga Hartarto, the Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs & Investment, Luhut Binsar Panjaitan, the Minister of Finance, Sri Mulyani Indrawati, the Minister of SOEs, Erick Thohir and the Deputy Minister of SOEs, Kartika Wirjoatmodjo, the Minister of Cooperatives and SMEs, Teten Masduki, the Chairman of Financial Services Authority (OJK), Wimboh Santoso, and the Head of Financial and Development Supervisory Agency (BPKP), Muhammad Yusuf.

“The potential of BNI’s fostered MSMEs which will be included in the Coverage program are 3,000 debtors with a maximum total credit of IDR 5 Trillion. Besides that, BNI will distribute Rp10 Trillion for new MSMEs that are ready to enter the New Normal era. In fact, for this PEN program BNI provides low interest rates to support MSMEs as the national economic drivers," said BNI's President Director, Herry Sidharta in Jakarta, Tuesday (07/07). On of BNI’s fostered MSMEs who started the national economic recovery coverage program was Mrs. Dewi Katmujati who enjoyed working capital assistance from the PEN program amounting to Rp150 Million for the Motor Vehicle Repair Service and Café located in Ciracas, Jakarta.

In the framework of BNI’s 74th Anniversary, BNI’s awareness to MSMEs and the national economic recovery is also manifested through BNI’s Low Interest Credit program to MSMEs, who have run their businesses based on health protocols, digital transactions and online marketing.

In addition to supporting the Economic Recovery programs, at the age of 74, BNI continues to innovate in MSME credit financing. One such innovation is the financing of MSMEs with digital-based applications, namely BNI MOVE (BNI Mobile Innovation for SME Ecosystem). BNI MOVE application is used by BNI small credit officers in serving MSME Partners in financing small businesses. BNI MOVE is expected to accelerate the service and provision of MSME loans and encourage national economic recovery specifically in small businesses.


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