BNI Supporting KKP Synergizing Fishermen and Business Players With Digital Platform

BNI Supporting KKP Synergizing Fishermen and Business Players With Digital Platform

Jakarta, 24 July 2020 --- The Ministry of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries (KKP) cooperates with Bank BNI to manage Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially in supporting the distribution of People's Business Credit (KUR), improving financing schemes, and digitizing fisheries businesses.

The President Director of BNI, Herry Sidharta said, great potential in this sector is one of the reasons BNI focuses on channeling funding. BNI has also previously worked on the Marine Fisheries sub-sector in the field of processing, catching, aquaculture, and people's salt.

According to Herry, until 30 June 2020, BNI’s portfolio in Marine Fisheries Sector has reached Rp. 16.73 Trillion by empowering 16,613 MSMEs in Marine and Fisheries Sector. Digitalization and clustering patterns make BNI's financing quality maintained.

"To make it easier for MSMEs to get capital, BNI presents BNI MOVE application or Mobile Innovation for SME Ecosystem. "This application is a new hope for SMEs, including those in remote areas, to continue to survive and be more successful in the midst of this pandemic," he explained.

In addition to providing financing solutions, Herry added, BNI was also active in supporting the KKP program through cooperation with start-ups engaged in Marine Fisheries (KP) Sector such as Aruna, FishON, and FisTx. The cooperation is intended so that fishermen, fish farmers, and MSMEs in Marine Fisheries sector can access the market with standardized results and can meet all of their business needs from the fishermen ecosystem formed.

“This cooperation This cooperation facilitates the recording of fishermen's business activities which can add value in the financing application process. At the same time it makes it easier for fishermen to access digital banking services by this ecosystem establishment," he said.


Fishermen, said Herry, no longer need to worry about the difficulty of finding fish, buying fishing needs, and selling their catch. Because, all activities can be carried out through digital ecosystems and more than 6,200 MSME actors in the KP sector will join this ecosystem.

Not only that, BNI is also committed to supporting #PasarLautIndonesia program which aims to increase public attention on types of fisheries and processed products. They are expected to be able to introduce their products and expand market access through cooperation with e-commerce, to finally realize their dreams of reaching the export market.

Herry hopes that the synergy carried out by government, BNI, e-commerce, and marine and fisheries stakeholders can support the programs rolled out by the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Edhy Prabowo to increase fisherman productivity which will ultimately increase income and welfare of the community.

"We will continue to succeed the development of the Indonesian economy and channel financing for all fishermen to create a prosperous Indonesian society," he concluded.

Speaking of the people's business credit (KUR), the Minister of Maritime Affairs and Fisheries, Edhy Prabowo considered this facility to be very effective in driving the community's economy. Although all this time KUR has not been maximally utilized to develop the marine and fisheries sector.

Looking at KUR uptake which has only reached Rp. 76.21 trillion from the limit set at Rp190 trillion in 2020, Minister Edhy claimed he did not want to debate and look for scapegoats. Instead, he chose to prepare steps so that business people can and dare to take advantage of KUR which has 6 percent interest rate. The steps in question are the ease in granting license. "KKP will make a breakthrough step, we provide reinforcement to business actors," said Edhy.


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