BNI Distributes Peaceful Gifts for Residents in Remote Areas

BNI Distributes Peaceful Gifts for Residents in Remote Areas

Jakarta, 25 December 2020 -- Christmas 2020 has arrived.  Attention to residents who celebrate Christmas and live in remote areas has started since early of December 2020. One of them is the attention given by PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BNI by distributing more than 45,000 Christmas gift packages presented in the spirit of peace.

The Christmas gifts complement the series of humanitarian aid distribution programs that the company has distributed throughout 2020, namely more than 185,000 packages, including assistance for residents affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic. Likewise with this Christmas Gifs, which were distributed not only to welcome Christmas 2020, but also to ease the burden on people affected by the pandemic. The package contains basic foodstuffs and other necessities deemed necessary in accordance with the conditions of each region.

BNI’s Corporate Secretary, Mucharom conveyed in Jakarta, Jumat (25 December 2020), different from the distribution of Christmas gifts in previous years, where the Pandemic had not yet spread, this time the distribution was carried out with due observance of health protocols. These Christmas gift packages distributed through 17 BNI regional offices throughout Indonesia.

"The parcels are distributed partially so that the physical distancing protocol can be optimized," he said.

Virtual Celebration

Meanwhile, BNI’s Christian Spiritual Development Agency (Bapekkris) extended family held BNI Christmas Celebration 2020 virtually through Bapekkris BNI Youtube Channel, last week. Even though it is held virtually, this Christmas celebration is expected to unite the hearts and love of all BNI Hi Movers, without forgetting the health protocol.

BNI’s President Director, Royke Tumilaar conveyed gratitude for being able to celebrate Christmas love even in the current conditions of the Covid-19 pandemic. "Christmas is a momentum for us about the meaning of simplicity, hope, and solidarity in facing the current conditions. I believe that no matter what condition God allows us to go through this together, God is always with us. The meaning of the birth of Jesus is expected to encourage BNI - Hi Movers to work smartly, maintain integrity to provide the best work for BNI," he said.

The Chairman of Bapekkris BNI, Julius D Aritonang said, all efforts to maintain health and continue to provide the best work for BNI is a tremendous blessing from God. Celebrating Christmas in this New Normal, is expected to further increase faith.

"God raised us so that we have a vision of eternity to find God Almighty and Most Holy. Have simplicity and an open heart to God because the presence of BNI Hi Movers must be the people who bring goodness and are willing to sacrifice to become a bright light the Divine’s presence. Work with joy because a happy heart is medicine. And learn to share and be generous to give appreciation and empathy with others, to offer friendship based on love," said Pastor Alberto Jhon Bunay from Papua Diocese in a Christmas reflection.

In the sermon delivered by Pastor Binsar Pakpahan, with the theme of God's words from Matthew 1:23, it was conveyed that at the time of Covid 19, which we have been through for almost 9 months, we should realize that God is with us. May the meaning of Christmas, the birth of Christ, be a moment in interpreting God's inclusion in the midst of the current pandemic.

The Christmas Committee Chairman of Bapekkris BNI, Nyonky I Loukameng said that the series of activities for BNI Christmas Celebration 2020 began with BNI Sharing Christmas Love for public, congregations, places of worship and BNI families affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.
BNI Sharing Christmas Love was given to Pondok Taruna Orphanage, East Jakarta, Evangelical Christian Church

In Timor Congregation Via Dolorosa Bokai Rote Ndao, Indonesian Christian Church in Kampung Laut Enggros Jayapura, Nursing Home Sasana Tresna Wherda Charitas Bekasi and the family of Bapekkris BNI affected by Covid-19 which was held on 12 December 2020.

"We also held a creativity competition as a campaign road to Bapekkris BNI Christmas Celebration through the Cover Song Challenge and Short Movie (Documenter Challenge) competitions. The winners' creation can be enjoyed through Bapekkris BNI Youtube Channel and the @bapekkris_bni Instagram account," said Nyonky. 
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