Touch of Banking in the North End of Indonesia

Touch of Banking in the North End of Indonesia

Jakarta, 26 December 2020 -- As an archipelagic country, Indonesia's geographical form is dominated by the sea. This poses a challenge in itself for banks to be able to reach and serve customers who live in the islands.
Melonguane Island is part of Talaud Islands in North Sulawesi. The trip to the island takes one and a half hours by airplane and 13 hours by ship from Manado City. To improve financial literacy and provide optimal banking services for the community, PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk already has Lakupandai agents or Agen46 operating there.

Agen46 is managed by Catur Wulan Sari. She is the owner of a basic food stall who has joined Agen46 3 years ago. The presence of Agen46 which she manages provides many transaction facilities such as account opening, cash withdrawal/deposit, BNI transfers, inter-bank transfers, various bill payments, purchases, micro insurance, to referral for People's Business Credit (KUR) for people on Melonguane Island.

“My family has been a BNI customer for a long time. After I married my husband and settled here, we opened a food stall which was later turned into Agen46. Our business is progressing and developing because more people visit this kiosk, either for shopping or making transactions," said Wulan when met in Melonguane, Talaud Islands, North Sulawesi, Saturday (26 December 2020).

Before the kiosk became an Agen46, the people of Melonguane still used cash as transaction tool, both personal and business transactions. Now, people no longer need to travel between islands with large amounts of cash just for shopping.

"People are becoming more and more enthusiastic about saving at a bank. People who have just received money from selling merchandise can easily deposit it into BNI through my kiosk. By becoming Agen46, I can also improve the economic standard of my family and contribute socially in the midst of society," said Wulan.

"Melonguane people also do not need to worry about banking services during the Christmas and New Year 2021 holidays. The kiosk will remain open to serve transactions for people who are enjoying their holiday, including people returning to their hometowns from their overseas areas," she said.

Until November 2020, there are already more than 165 thousand Agen46 spread across Indonesia.
BNI also urges the public to be aware of all forms of fund investment fraud on behalf of Agen46. If you get suspicious information, please visit the nearest BNI branch office or contact BNI Call 150004.
For more information, please contact:
BNI Corporate Secretary 
Phone: 021-5728387


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