BNI JCB Credit Card Won Two Awards at JCB Indonesia Award 2020

BNI JCB Credit Card Won Two Awards at JCB Indonesia Award 2020

Jakarta, 9 March 2021 -- BNI JCB Credit Card, the cooperation result between PT. Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BNI) and PT. JCB International Indonesia, a leading international payment brand company headquartered in Japan, won two awards at the JCB Indonesia Award 2020, which was held online in Jakarta, Tuesday (9/3/2021). 

BNI JCB Credit Card won awards for the International category, namely the 3rd Best of Issuing Sales Volume in Southeast Asian Countries 2020 and the Indonesian category as Best Total Number of Cards in Circulation in Indonesia 2020. BNI’s Consumer Business Director, Corina Leyla Karnalies appreciated the award given to BNI JCB Credit Card. China said the award was even more special because it was achieved in the midst of challenging global economic conditions due to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Despite facing tough challenges, in 2020, BNI JCB Credit Cards Outstanding recorded a growth of 2.15% compared to achievements in the same period in 2019. "Since the collaboration was carried out in 2014, BNI and JCB have carried out many collaborative programs for acquisitions and usage aimed at increasing the number of cards and sales volume, including holding the Japan Travel Fair event," explained Corina. 

Corina added, Japan is one of the favorite destinations for Indonesian tourists. That is the reason BNI is working with JCB, because there is a potential that can be tapped from this segment. "JCB BNI credit card has special programs for cardholders who visit Japan, such as Airport Limousine Special Offers, programs at JCB Plaza Tokyo and discounts at Japanese merchants that can be a special attraction," added Corina.

The cooperation between BNI and PT. JCB International Indonesia began in 2014 with the issuance of BNI JCB Platinum Credit Card product which later changed to BNI JCB Precious. In 2017, BNI and JCB issued a variant of BNI JCB Gold Credit Card. Corina revealed, for 2021, the collaboration with JCB is in line with BNI Credit Card business focus, namely targeting the premium segment, where JCB has BNI JCB Precious Credit Card. 

In the meantime, the President Director of PT. JCB International Indonesia, Koichiro Wada said, since the pandemic, people's lifestyles and markets have begun to change rapidly. "Through the latest technology and services in cooperation with various corporate partners, we will provide new services that are attractive and valuable as a payment brand company that customers continue to actively choose," he said. He explained, JCB Indonesia really appreciated the close cooperation with all business partners, especially bank colleagues. Thus, the Company can consistently develop its business in Indonesia and achieve good achievements in 2020.

JCB Indonesia Award has been held since 2020. This award is a form of appreciation for the performance and business cooperation that has been achieved in the previous year. In 2021, this event will be held virtually as a form of prevention against the spread of the Covid-19 virus. 

A total of 9 award categories were distributed. The JCB Indonesia Award event will be attended by representatives of the six JCB Card issuing banks. In addition, JCB Indonesia also invited various partners in other financial sectors with a total of 100 participants from various regions in Indonesia, especially Jakarta.

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