BNI Campus Financial Ecosystem at UGM

BNI Campus Financial Ecosystem at UGM

Jakarta, 3 August 2021 -- PT Bank Negara Indonesia (Persero) Tbk made Gadjah Mada University (UGM) the first campus to be used as a pilot for the implementation of an Integrated Campus Financial Ecosyste. "BNI is currently focusing on developing Institutional Business Solutions, one of which is the Integrated Campus Financial Ecosystem, where currently UGM has enjoyed several of its services and has been running so far, such as tuition payments through the Student Payment Center (SPC), Virtual Account, Cash Management, API.

The Financial System at UGM and other financial solutions that we have prepared for further synergies with UGM," said Deputy President Director Adi Sulistyowati in Jakarta, Tuesday (3 August 2021) while watching the Launching of the BNI UGM Graduate Education Flexion Cooperation. Also present at the event were the Chancellor of UGM, Panut Mulyono; the Vice Chancellor for Cooperation and Alumni of UGM, Paripurna; the Director of Partnership, Alumni, and International Affairs of UGM, Danang Sri Hadmoko; and the Director of Institutional Relations of BNI, Sis Apik Wijayanto and all division leaders who support the development of the UGM campus financial ecosystem. 

On this occasion, BNI launched the BNI Flexi Pendidikan product, which is an Unsecured Loan Facility (KTA) to fund the education costs of UGM Masters (S2) and Doctoral (S3) students. The Cooperation Agreement for the Launch of BNI Flexion for Education was signed by the Dean of Postgraduate UGM, Siti Malkhamah and the Head of BNI Division 2 Institutional Relations, Arya Prajaka. BNI Flexion Education is given to all customers who receive BNI payroll and want to continue their studies to a higher level, including employees of companies that pay BNI payroll so that it is useful for developing the capabilities of related company employees. Of course, this facility can also be optimized for UGM postgraduate students who receive payroll from BNI and are expected to provide relief because it is specially designed with the Grace Period scheme.

This scheme provides relief by only making interest payments within a certain period of time and can make principal payments starting in the second year or the following year. Masters and Doctoral students of UGM can apply for BNI Flexi Education financing with a ceiling of up to Rp 500 million. Interestingly, they will get a special interest rate with reduced credit fee. 

Also on this occasion, BNI, UGM and the Universitas Gadjah Mada Alumni Family (KAGAMA) expanded the collaboration in the issuance of the BNI-GAMA Affinity Credit Card which was intended for all UGM academics, including lecturers, employees, alumni, and students. Starting in August 2021, the BNI-GAMA Credit Card can also be owned by parents or guardians of students. "The plan is that in the  school year of 2022, students can pay tuition fees for Single Tuition Fees (UKT) with credit card source of funds through the BNI Mobile Banking channel," said Adi Sulistyowati.

Applications for BNI-GAMA Credit Cards and BNI Flexion Education can be done anywhere and anytime via e-form. It is simply only by using a smartphone device, no need to come to the branch office. Various benefits can be obtained by BNI-GAMA Credit Card holders, namely: First, free annual fees for life with transaction conditions. Second, 100% welcome cashback up to IDR 500 thousand for the first transaction. Third, BNI Rewards Points that can be exchanged for attractive promos. 

BNI hopes that the ongoing synergy and collaboration with UGM can be continuously improved in the future, one of which is by developing a campus financial ecosystem that supports the end-to-end transaction needs of the UGM Academic Community, including digitizing university/e-campus management, digitizing the learning process through learning management systems, digitizing payments in the campus environment, digitizing student IDs, developing MSMEs through digitizing incubation, to career development of students who have graduated with the Early Recruitment Program and Career Development Center Cooperation.

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